While all of our body care products are either organic or made with all natural ingredients, we have made one exception with our odor eliminator spray products. Because sprays need to be able to be sprayed through a nozzle and not get clogged, the best sprays to do this are water based. However anything with water needs a preservative to keep it safe. If it does not have one, then it will grow microbes and other bacteria that can cause way more harm then the preservatives.

We did a lot of research on this because we would love to have a product where we felt confident that we could have it work, not have to have chemical preservatives and still have it be safe, but we just did not frankly come up with this. We did contact a chemist and a few other resources first hand and while we understand it is popular out there for tons of people to make DIY sprays and many are selling sprays with some alcohol in it or glycerin or other forms of something they consider to be a natural preservative, we have not found a formula that we are confident in that is both safe and effective. We also are not interested in getting the perfumer type licensing possibly required to use the proper alcohol (non smelling) that would be needed to not overpower the essential oil scent. We love our organic oils that nourish and moisturize the skin, not dry it out or that evaporates so the scent wears off quickly. We don’t intend right now to switch to alcohol based perfumes.

We have thought about oil based sprays which we are still looking into but they can at times stain or often are to thick and clog the nozzle, so they have to be mixed with water to thin in it, which brings you back to square one. Because we are so busy with many projects and creating products for our customers we want to steward our time wisely. For now, based on our testing of our odor eliminator spray and based on feedback from our customers we are proud offer our odor eliminator all in one spray to our customers.

Here are some other reasons we have chosen our spray:

~  Those of us with sensitivity problems to smells have tested this and have been able to not only tolerate our sprays, but even enjoy them! We understand, this is a miracle for someone who cannot usually tolerate any store brand spray!

~ Our spray will allow you to control the scent you want and know confidently that it is either a high quality pure natural essential oil or high quality Phthalate fragrance oil.

~ Our spray also truly does what it says and is a great all in one spray with many uses – not only can you use it as a beautiful perfume spray, on your skin, hair clothes etc but it also is a true odor eliminator spray. It really eliminates the odor and replaces it with our scent. So it does not just mask odors (like most sprays) it eliminates them. In comparison to other similar products on the market, we found that they only mask odors and most gave instant headaches to people with sensitivities. You can use our odor eliminator sprays in your car, bathroom, pet areas, trash areas, after cooking onions or smell kitchen, to help with smoker smell, shoes, dens and other rooms where you want the odor eliminated.

In summary, for those who want a product that will eliminate odors and have a low likelihood of having headaches or sensitivity issues, or want to be confident that the scent used is a high quality Phthalate free scent or natural essential oil scent, we believe this is one of the best products out there that can do this.