When You Feel Overlooked

When You Feel Overlooked

His Beloved, do you feel overlooked? Do you ever feel like you don’t matter or others don’t value you? I know it can be very painful. The enemy loves to attack us with this and make us feel like we don’t really make a difference. Well here is a Word from the Lord to minister to you today:

Some of you have been OVERLOOKED. Some for DAYS, some WEEKS, some YEARS and some feel you have been overlooked your whole LIFE. I believe God’s wants me to remind you that 👉 HE CHOSE YOU. 👉 HE CREATED YOU. 👉 HE LOVES YOU. 👉 HE DIED for YOU. 👉 HE HANDPICKED YOU. HE has NOT OVERLOOKED YOU EVER.

In fact, He SEES ALL that has happened to you and all who ARE overlooking you and He says You are ABOUT TO COME into a NEW PLACE of VICTORY. The things that USED TO BOTHER you before will NO LONGER bother you because, if you let Him, God will USE THIS to STRENGTHEN you in knowing your IDENTITY in HIM!

Let this be a time for you to BE ESTABLISHED and ROOTED in your IDENTITY in Christ. Your Abba Father wants you to be SECURE in HIS VIEW OF YOU, in who HE SAYS YOU ARE. As this happens, you will notice that what OTHERS think will BOTHER you LESS and LESS.

Trust HIM to MAKE A WAY for you and the Lord says, EVEN if the doors God opens, man shuts on you, realize that He SEES IT and He can STILL make a way where there SEEMS TO BE NONE! Hallelujah!

Does this Word resonate with you? I pray this encourages you! I would love for you to leave comment below!

God bless you and thank you for reading. ALWAYS in His LOVE and GRACE, walking WITH you. Your sis, Sybella Owens




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  1. Sheila

    Amen Amen my sis …this Word meant alot to me because I know how it feels to be ignore and left as an outsider ….God Bless you beloved of YAH Always

  2. Amen dear sis Sheila. Yes sadly this has happened to so many (likely everyone at one point in their life) and it’s also a common tactic of the enemy as well. Thankfully the Lord is the Lifter of our heads! I’m so glad you were encouraged by this message. God bless you beloved!

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