What if? Short Story out of the mouth of babes

What if? Short Story out of the mouth of babes

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A short story

What if…

Out of the mouth of babes…Matthew 21:16

Hello Beloved! Tonight, the Lord put on my heart to do a short story that He inspired me to write about a month ago as I was praying about what He wanted written. This is what came out and I pray that it blesses you in Jesus Mighty Name amen. If it does, please consider sharing with others, so the Lord may reach and bless others as well. God bless you ♥

A child sits down by the brook throwing rocks into the water. Pulling back her arm, she throws each rock as far as she can. She throws the rock just like she throws a baseball. She listens for the rock’s, kerplunk, then imagines it sinking all the way to the bottom. The bigger the rock, the heavier it is. So the bigger the rock the faster it sinks, she concludes..

How far can I throw these rocks until I throw my arm out and it hurts too much, she wonders. I have thrown it out plenty of times during baseball practice and boy does it hurt. When that happens, my parents and coach make me stop throwing for awhile. They even make me put ice on it. And if I really threw it out badly, my mom may even make me get physical therapy, she is a physical therapist after all!

I know the bible talks about God’s strong right arm. I am right-handed and I also use my right hand and arm, thinks the child. I wonder where God’s right arm is now? What if one day we finally make God throw out His arm because He has to throw so incredibly far? What if we make Him have to throw His “warning stop sign” pebbles too far? What about His “go this way” directional pepples?

What if we didn’t listen and so God has to throw even bigger rocks, to get our attention? Uh, oh, her brow furrows. What if we are so into our own video games, TV, sports and Facebook that He has to now throw boulders to try to help us? And what if God has to throw boulders as big as mountains or even the earth to get us to listen to Him?!

What if that’s where God’s arm is?  Maybe God has finally thrown out His strong arm on account of us! If only we had listened to Him. If only we had followed His directions and stop sign warnings or finished all our vegetables like our parents told us to. Why didn’t we just listen to Him when He did such an awesome job throwing out help for us?

What if God is up there right now having to put ice on His shoulder because we have not been listening to Him the way we need to? God doesn’t need physical therapy does He?! Nahh, probably not physical therapy… since He is God. But… I wonder if God would like some of our love and prayers for His arm to heal and get rest? Maybe, some encouragement that we will listen better so He doesn’t have to throw His arm out anymore. And I bet He could use our appreciation for all the pebble, stones, mountains an boulders He has thrown for us. In fact, I think maybe it would be nice of us to say a prayer right now for God. I think He would appreciate that.

Dear God, we’re sorry for all the times we have not listened to You. We thank You that are always throwing to us pebbles, stones, boulders and even mountains of help, direction, love and protection. We thank You that You are willing to risk throwing Your arm out for us, just to help us in some way. God, will You please help us to listen to You and to trust You so You don’t hurt your arm? We pray for your arm to be healed quickly if it needs to be. And God, We give you the MVP award. You will always be the Most Valuable Player in our lives. We love You and need You, so please help us to treat You the way You deserve. We pray this all in Jesus Name. Amen.

P.S. I hope this prayer brings a big smile to Your face and makes You feel loved, because that’s how You make me feel all the time.

The End

What do you think?

Did this touch you in any way? Did anything pop out at you? Did the bold words speak to you? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

I appreciate your comments, sharing and feedback. May God bless you abundantly above all you can ask, think or imagine. He has great plans for you. You are valued and needed, you know, yes YOU 😀 In Jesus name amen.

~ Sybella


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  1. Rita

    Well written! Really got me thinking of how God throws out His arm for us all the time, but if we are walking with Him closely, we don’t need to “hurt” His arm!! 🙂

  2. Sybella | Sybella's Blessing Shop

    Hi my sister Rita! Isn’t it an interesting analogy? I remember when I sat down down to write and this story came out by the Holy Spirit. It is not the typical way that I write and I just thought how precious from a childlike perspective. Your point is a great one, when we are walking in intimacy with the Lord and being led by His Holy Spirit He doesn’t have to “throw His arm out” for us. It’s the it amazing how many times He has! Thanks so much for commenting my friend!

    God bless you!
    ~ Sybella

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