Time to relinquish our plans and agree with the Lord’s plans

Time to relinquish our plans and agree with the Lord’s plans

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Time to relinquish our plans and agree with the Lord’s plans

The word relinquish in the Merriam-Webster dictionary means to give up (something) : to give (something, such as power, control, or possession) to another person or group.

Anyone else noticing the incredible busyness going on? It’s like busyness on steroids! Do you feel like you need some rest? Feel distracted? It’s not a coincidence, the enemy loves to distract us and get us so busy even doing “good works” so that we can’t concentrate on what the Lord has for us. He hopes that we will miss it and if we are not careful we may or at the least get very delayed!

Therefore, we want to be mindful that we don’t get pulled into activities that we are actually not called to do. Because…if we do that, we may also have a hard time relinquishing them. I believe we are in a season of many things and ones of them is relinquishing our plans and will for the Lord’s Plan and Will.

When I got out the “buts”

I remember one time when the Lord was quietly nudging me to relinquish a ministry I was involved in that I loved. It was all about worship and we are created to worship Him. I absolutely love to worship the Lord and it was an immense blessing and honor to be able to do so through this ministry team. It was honestly hard for me to let go. I did not want to and I honestly also was confused by it! What happens when this happens to us? Well for me in this instance I got out the old “buts.” Can you say, “uh oh” or “yes I’ve been there sister” with me?”

However the biggest and only important “but” which became clearer as I sought Him further in prayer was His but to me!

I said, “but God is blessing me. But there is clearly an anointing. But of course God wants me worshiping Him, I mean come on that doesn’t make sense.” I did not understand. However the biggest and only important “but” which became clearer as I sought Him further in prayer was His but to me!

It went something like this, “But daughter, that particular ministry was for a season and I am moving you into a new season of teaching now. If you don’t relinquish this other ministry you will not have the time or energy to handle what I am bringing you into.” Once I got clarity I had to remind myself that His ways are above my ways (Isaiah 55:9).

The Lord also put on my heart on other occasions in prayer that when we as Christians hold onto to something (usually a ministry or “church like” activity) and we don’t move when God says, we actually can be blocking another person’s calling or breakthrough as well!

That really caught my attention as well. I would never want to stand in the way of God’s plans and purposes for another or myself and I’m sure you don’t want to either. You know why? I know you do, because we all say it all the time: Because it’s not about us, it’s all about Jesus!

When we truly “walk the talk” by His grace, we will surrender our desires and put them on the altar to The Lord. What’s awesome is that as hard as this may be for some of us at times, remember that God always blesses us so much more then we can ask, think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). His plans for us are so much bigger and better then ours!

Our Choice Matter

The Lord really has opened my eyes to the fact that every choice we make matters. I don’t say that to scare anyone, it’s just a fact. There are consequences for good and for bad when we are obedient or disobedient. It has nothing to do with God’s love and grace for us. That is always there and is a done deal because of Jesus.

However, God chose us to have person relationship with Him and wants us to trust Him. We are created to be dependent on Him and to be led by Him, to be obedient, not because we have (under law) to but because we get to and want to (under grace) honor our Father, we choose to obey out of love, reverence and awe. I believe when we are truly born again and have the Holy Spirit we will want to do this. I did not say it was easy but the desire is there and we need Him to help us and give us the grace and power to do what He has planned.

Be Encouraged

So I want to encourage you out there if you are holding onto to some things that need to be relinquished. I believe it may be time for some of you to let go and let God take you into the deeper, as well as, higher places in Him. He knows the plans He has for you, plans of good and not of evil. Let’s trust Him Beloved. He needs a willing heart. If you are not sure, that’s okay. If you ask, seek, knock, He will answer you. So let’s do that right now together.


Prayer: Father we love you and thank You for loving us so much. Right now we relinquish the things that we have been holding onto for our own reasons in Jesus name. It may be because of fear, unbelief, comfort or something else, but whatever it is Lord, we come to You now and say here it is Father. We leave at Your altar and say take it and use it for Your purposes. We exchange it for Your will Lord and trust You. If there is anything that we may not be aware of Lord that we are holding onto please show us so we can give it to you in Jesus name amen.

What do you think?

Does this speak to you at all? Do you feel like you need to relinquish anything? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

God bless you,


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