I have found Sybella Owens Ministries to be spiritually uplifting, yet very direct and scripturally truthful on all accounts. I have also been associated with her online for some time now and have personally endorsed Sybella’s Prophetic Ministry within my own online magazine ‘AWFSM’. Sybella presents a spiritual professionalism that God has crafted in her spiritual gifts.

The creative Godly expressions that Sybella ministers is electric in Godly purpose and love. She is constant and remarkable ‘right on’ in scriptural truths as she presents God’s word in speaking, articles, lessons, prophetic rhema words and in prayers. Whether you see her personally as a Minister or her online Ministry, Sybella will always be truthful in a seasoned mature countenance and yet remains very sincere and personal, as she ministers in the gifts and calling that God has given her.

God has greatly blessed her with many talents and gifts and she is a delight to work with. Her joy and love is always expressed in everything she does and it literally reaches out and ignites any listener. Me being one of them!

Personally endorsed Sybella’s Prophetic Ministry - CLM ~ WQoE Author & Owner of AWFSM Magazine

In the six years I have known Sybella, I have connected with her on three different levels.

First, her skin care line and jewelry line:

Because my eyes are sensitive to products, I use her eye cream (which I apply every night). It is the best for softening lines around my eyes, as well as moisturizing that sensitive skin. I also have used other sensitive-producing products including the skin products. As a jewelry wearer, I have purchased a number of her special products. One of my favorites is the flower earrings and matching necklace, which bring compliments whenever I wear them. These scripture-inspired products come with an uplifting biblical word of encouragement, which come in beauty and grace. From the pens to the pearl earrings, from the bracelets to necklaces and even the personalized guitar pick, all carry the beauty of Sybella.

Second: Her ministry in the church:

Sybella is profoundly touched by the Holy Spirit. In our mutual group prayer sessions, she seeks the deeper callings and needs of those around her. In serving on the women’s ministry team together, I learned of her heart-touching care for women (and men) in their heart-growth of their faith. During our worship time in church, I heard prophetic words from her concerning our church, the people, and our responsibility as Christians in a non-Christian world if today. As I sat in the seminars and classes she taught, I was amazed at her depth of study and learning and the easy way she disseminated the Words of God from the Bible. She is a studied, informed and spiritual preacher and teacher.

Third: Her calling from the Lord:

I understand Sybella’s calling from the Lord to teach and prophesy. Her blog gently convicts in her prophetic words as she flows in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Her ministry background includes a decade of teaching and speaking in the church, presentations at women’s conferences, and doing prophetic intercession for our church and the Body of Christ at large. For years, Sybella has had prophetic words spoken over her for her teaching, training, praying and prophesying for the Lord.

Now it all comes together.

The Rev. Christina Laurie, West Falmouth, MA

Sybella is profoundly touched by the Holy Spirit

When I am facing a person or situation that I feel might be a challenge, I wear my “Armor of God” necklace.

Facing challenge – Armor of God necklace - Diane, MA

Sybella Owens Ministry Recommendation

Sybella is definitely a true daughter of God because I can see Jesus in her. Jesus came to this world to show us the love of our Father and He is the bridge to get to the Father. I see Christ in Sybella, as Jesus was always directing people to the Father through Him, revealing  the Father’s heart, and she also points us to the Father and the Lord. She reminds me of a bridge also, to help us come into alignment with the Lord. She wants to see people coming closer to Christ and be in love with Him as He is with us. I look forward to her videos and posts because they are vital tools of encouragement, edification, exhortation and revelation: these are all attributes of the prophetic anointing and I strongly believe that Sybella’s ministry is lead by the Holy Spirit to ignite and set ablaze the kingdom of God on earth.

Sybella is a Holy Spirit motivator a true spiritual leader of the heavenly realm. Her connection with the Lord sets her apart because she goes directly after the heart of the Father.  What I have noticed in all her teachings is that there is deliverance. A sense of freedom from the chains that tend to keep us bound in our own thoughts. The word of the Lord through Sybella breaks those chains and brings clarity peace and joy. Her teachings is to get tapped in,  plugged in to the Holy Spirit and most importantly create a strong relationship with Jesus Christ so that He may direct your steps. That is what a prophet does and she bridges the gap between man and the Lord our God. Thank you Lord for Sybella and her ministries.

Sincerely, Your sister in Christ Jesus

Alba Torres 7/3/17

Sybella is a Spiritual Leader of the Heavenly Realm - Alba Torres

Customized Sister Swarovski Necklace

Sybella’s jewelry and other products are awesome. I encourage and recommend all of her line to anyone.

Sybella’s jewelry and other products are awesome - Sister Deborah Cumberlander, Maryland

Rhinestone Sparkly Stud Earrings

I purchased Sybella’s jewelry, scarves and many creations for myself and as gifts for friends and family. All are uniquely beautiful and of the highest quality. Best of all, each item is God-inspired and prayed over while it is being created!

God inspired and uniquely beautiful - Joy, Orleans MA

Customize your own Bracelet

I truly believe in my heart that my Father in heaven is the author of Sybella’s scarves products and jewelry designs.

Father in heaven is the Author - Diane M, New Bedford

I like listening to Sybella because she is easy to understand and explains everything well. I like seeing her smiling face, it fills me with hope and joy. She is a blessing to me because the words God gives her are timely and accurate. She is a testimony because she encourages me to step out in the call God has for me.

Words God gives her are timely and accurate - Cindy, Trinidad and Tobago

Light Shine Pearl Bling Earrings

I can’t wait to try Sybella’s other products. My personal favorites have been Sybella’s pearl earrings, coconut-lime oil, body butter, and infinity scarves.

Can’t wait to try Sybella’s other products - Amy Caporello, CA

Psalm 91 Angel Wing Bracelet

I bought an angel winged bracelet for my daughter and she loved it so much. Then contacted Sybella, to make a matching necklace. My daughter plans to wear this beautiful jewelry on her wedding day.

She loved it so much - MA

I highly recommend these products. Just heavenly! I really appreciate that they are made with all natural ingredients. The soaps are wonderful and my daughter collects these for her soap collection but keeps a watchful eye on mom!

Highly recommend just heavenly! - Jax C. Swampscott MA

Organic Perfume Fragrance Oil

Just bought your scented oil Fruitful. Love the clean, fresh scent.

Great to support a local small business. You are the heart and soul of what makes Cape Cod wonderful.




Love the clean fresh scent - Patricia Browne, Cotuit MA

Organic Scented Body Butter Lotion

The body butter is out of this world with a divine scent.


Body butter is out of this world - Jacqueline, Ma

I love the mint lip balm, it’s very refreshing and makes my lips feel great.


Lip Balm makes my lips feel great - Sarah from Milroy, PA

Naturally Scented Body - Room Spray

I was given the Mancave room spray as a gift and I admit I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it smells. It is a good scent for sitting in my den handling my guns! My wife says it definitely smells WAY better than my den usually smells!

good scent for sitting in my den - Howard from Paulding, OH

Organic Scented Body Butter Lotion

The lavender body butter is so silky, and the aroma is just right, not over-powering.

Aroma is just right - Sarah from Milroy, PA

I purchased the vanilla infused coconut oil from Sybella’s. Not only did it do a great job helping the dry skin on my beard and nose, but, thank The Lord it smells good and it’s a good price.

great job helping the dry skin - Matthew N. Sandwich MA

Leather Cross Faith Bracelets

This ministry of Sybella’s is authentic. I have purchased many products, some for myself and pleased with the spiritual results. Others look at my bracelet of the Cross and I feel so good inside I’m proud of my Lord’s Victory.

This ministry of Sybella’s is authentic - joyoussons, MA

Customized Sister Swarovski Necklace

The hand stamped “Mom” necklace that I have from Sybella’s Blessing Shop after my Mom went to be with the Lord has given me peace of her presence and comfort. I love it and have received so many compliments on it; it also goes with everything. It’s the perfect gift.

Given me peace and comfort - Erin W, Marstons Mills

Organic Scented Body Butter Lotion

I have bought your organic body butter for myself and as gifts. The creamy, whipped texture of the body butter melts into your skin without that greasy feeling that some shea butters leave on your skin. Love, love, love it. The lavender scent adds just the right touch of indulgence.

melts into your skin without that greasy feeling - Patricia Browne, Cotuit

I received these ship’s helm and key earrings from a dear friend and sister in Christ for graduation. This was the most meaningful gift I received, and I will forever treasure these earrings and their significance in my life is meaningful, reminding me that Christ alone carries the key to everything and that He is my provider!

Most meaningful gift I received - Erin Whittemore

Sybella’s soaps I love because of my sensitive skin. All my life I used many soaps with little or no results. Sybella’s soap is all I’m able to use. My complexion is smooth & clear today.  It’s great for shaving as well. I don’t buy any more store brands of shaving cream.

Sybella’s soap is all I’m able to use - Massachusetts

Sybella’s Boutique & Blessing Shop of body butters are very unique they come in various sizes. The body butter smooths, relieves and relaxes even wrinkles. I use them on my sensitive skin areas, under my eyes and neck.

smooths, relieves and relaxes even wrinkles - joyoussons, MA

Organic Scented Body Butter Lotion

Recently I’ve started doing a workout that’s wakening up some muscles that have obviously been slacking. I have a powerful muscle rub but it’s concentrated so you use only a little and it’s a liquid that penetrates too quickly to massage in. But I got the idea to mix it in with a remaining half jar of your body butter. That was just the right fix so that I could slather it over a wide area and really massage the liniment deep in my hip to get the pain relief. Brilliant solution!!



Brilliant solution to help my muscles! - S. Koenig, Harpers Ferry, WV

I have purchased necklaces from your jewelry line as gifts because the pieces moved me in a way that I knew they were meant for a particular person.

Your Pieces Moved Me - Rosemary, MA

I love Sybella products! It is apparent that a lot of thought and care go into creating her natural and luxurious products. The scrub with coconut oil and lavender is pure and leaves my skin soft and glowing.





I love Sybella products! - Jacqueline C. Swampscott, MA

The cocoa lip balm is my all time favorite. It keeps my lips soft and moisturized without making them feel coated.

Lip balm is my all time favorite - Jackie, MA

Organic Scented Body Butter Lotion

The texture of your Body Butter truly is luxurious, as the name states. It goes on so smoothly and leaves my skin feeling really soft. Just a small amount goes a long way.


Leaves skin feeling really soft - Margaret J. OH

I believe you are very blessed and you hear from God and you do speak His heart in all occasions. All the products are also truly genuine. They reflect your personal time with Jesus.

You hear from God - Massachusetts

Scripture Inspired Blessing Bracelet

Sybella’s hand crafted soaps and jewelry have been designed by our Lords Holy Spirit.

Designed by our Lords Holy Spirit - Massachusetts

Custom Dog Tag Necklace

I use the men’s jewelry, a large selection of bracelets and necklaces..and I have other products I want to buy besides.

Have other products I want to buy - Massachusetts

Natural Pure Body Gift Pack

I have had the privilege to experience many of the items from Sybella’s collection. I assure you that her collections are made with tons of love and care. They always leave you feeling fresh and invigorating.


Made with tons of love and care - Sister Deborah C., Maryland

Psalm 91 Angel Wing Bracelet

I love it !!!! this angel wing bracelet is so precious!. It’s really comforting and pretty at the same time. I know I have a guardian angel and this bracelet reminds me daily that wherever I go God’s angels go with me.


really comforting and pretty - Kristina S. Palmer, MA

Custom Swarovski Pearl Earrings

As both a giver and receiver of products from Sybella’s Shop, I can truly say that the quality was outstanding and the help I got in choosing the best and most appropriate gift for my loved one was perfect. Sybella’s special fragrance products and her jewelry were huge hits and I would recommend her to anyone!


Quality was outstanding - David Otis, MA

Scripture Inspired Blessing Bracelet

I was gifted a gorgeous handmade bracelet with Amber colored glass beads purchased by my mom from Sybella’s Shop. I love it! The craftsmanship is top notch and again, it’s absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend shopping for Sybella’s products!!


Love! Craftsmanship is top notch - Emily C., Texas

Thank you Sybella for a wonderful product. I love the goats milk soap.  It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and supple.  I have given a variety of your soaps as gifts and am always happy to hear that the women who have received them have enjoyed them as much as I do.



Wonderful product - Rosemary L. MA

It has been my privilege to have received several wonderful products as gifts from Sybella’s Shop. I have found these items to be such treasures, I have requested more of them!



Such treasures I requested more! - Amy Caporello, CA

Sybella’s creations are true blessings! I have been using her fragrant oils, lip balms and body butters for over a year now. They are made with all natural ingredients, which works great for my sensitive skin.



Sybella’s creations are true blessings - Joy O. MA

Hand Crafted Infinity Word Scarves

I was given some gifts from a friend who purchased them from Sybella’s store during one of the most difficult times of my life. I was given two of her handcrafted scarves with scriptures on them. I put the scarves on at home and wear them around the house. As I do, I feel the comforting presence of the Lord, as if my heavenly Fathers’ hand is physically on me, comforting me.



Comforting Presence of the Lord - Diane M. MA

I have followed Sybella’s creations from her early soaps to jewelry (of which I have a lot). One of my favorite items is her eye cream, which I lightly tap around my eyes before bed each night. It has softened the skin and makes my eyes younger and brighter.

eyes younger and brighter - Christina of West Falmouth

Sybella’s Body butter is luxury in a container! It’s rich texture feels great on my skin and the orange scent reminds me of the Orange Groves in Florida.


Luxury in a container! - Lilly E. Sparta, NJ

The selection of Sybella’s jewelry is just amazing, so many choices all crafted and designed by skilled prayerful hands.



Designed by skilled prayerful hands - MA

Sybella’s products are beautifully crafted and left my skin feeling clean, fresher and vital. Her simplistic ingredients blended just the right way is the sure pathway toward age-defying skin.


Left my skin fresher and vital - Theresa M. Yarmouth Port

Fish in a soap - Treasure soap

My grand children enjoy all the beautiful soaps, like, some soaps have the fish inside the soaps making all five grand kids wanting to bath. I support this shop and ministry in prayers and I buy most of my year round shopping from Sybella’s Blessing Shop.


I buy year round from Sybella’s Blessing Shop - MA

Red Gold Swarovski Pearl Bracelet

Sybella’s products are really good, her bracelets are very attractive, beautiful and inexpensive. If you wear them they look good on you. Get one of her products for yourself, you will not regret it. God bless you Woman of God.


God bless you Woman of God - Sister Peace L. Cambridge, MA

My daughter also got the horse soap to give to her friend, who owns and loves horses. It was a great personalized gift idea that she absolutely loved!


A great personalized gift idea! - Erin W. MA

Sterling Silver Mommy Bracelet

My experience with the Blessings Shop is truly a blessing. My first order came to me in a very timely manner and exactly like you would expect. PERFECT! Since my first order I contacted Sybella and she personally customized an order for me. I am very well satisfied with the products and service and would not hesitate to place a third order. Valentines is just around the corner and I know I’ll be ordering my gift here. Thanks again for all you did to ensure my daughter with a great gift.


Truly a blessing - Richard Cook, LA

Psalm 91 Angel Wing Bracelet

I purchased this angel wing bracelet for a friend. The quality is superb. My friend that received it wears it every day to remind her that Jesus is her protector.

Quality is superb - MA

Customize your own Bracelet

The hand crafted stamped bracelet we purchased, is a beautiful way to keep God’s Word close at heart. It is a blessing to wear scripture and share God’s Truth at the same time.

A blessing to wear scripture - MA

The castille, triple butter, and goats milk is the best soap I ever used on my face. I have very sun damaged skin. I recommend this soap because it never leaves your skin dry and is gentle enough for mature, damaged skin leaving it soft and cared for.

The best soap I ever used on my face - Eva Allesandra, MA

Psalm 91 Angel Wing Earrings

Well crafted, feel like an angel when I wear them!!! Everything I purchased from Sybella has never disappointed me!

Feel like an angel when I wear them!!! - Chandra Oliver, MA

Heart for the King Earrings

I received these beautiful 3D princess (red) crown earrings as a Christmas gift. They remind me that I am a princess and I wear them proudly. I have also received many compliments.

Remind me that I am a princess - familynunes, MA

My daughter loved the pink heart soap and enjoyed the fact that she had her own personal soap that was just for her!

My daughter loved the soap! - Erin W. MA

Psalm 91 Angel Wing Bracelet

I was given an angels wings bracelet representing psalms 91. I was so excited, because that is my favorite psalm. I wear the bracelet almost every day. I totally believe that All of these items have Gods hand of protection all over them. They are definitely anointed by the Holy Spirit and a blessing!


Definitely anointed by the Holy Spirit - Diane M. MA

Your soaps are very nice quality, as well as being pretty to look at!  I appreciate that your natural body care products are either organic or made with good quality ingredients with no preservatives or irritating ingredients.

Made with good quality ingredients - Margaret J. from Ohio

It is my honor to recommend Sybella Owens [and Sybella Owens Ministries]. I first met Sybella at church, Gateway Christian Center, on Cape Cod, where she was a trusted leader, prayer warrior and intercessor as well as a gifted teacher.

As a leader, Sybella has both the important qualities of being approachable and an encourager which made her a perfect fit in her role in a ministry she helped form for women in our church called “ The Garden and the Well. It serves as a means of Spiritual growth and fellowship.

She is a mighty prayer warrior and intercessor and served as member of the alter prayer ministry. She is always available anytime to pray for whoever is in need. When faced with an issue of discernment, it was Sybella who I felt the Lord directed me to confide. Prayerfully, she helped guide me through to a resolution . Because she has a prophetic gifting, Sybella has given words of knowledge individuals and the body.

It was during a woman’s conference held at our church where I first experienced Sybella’s leadership skills. She and a team of other women to present a wonderful weekend retreat. With Sybella’s knowledge of the word and commitment to the Heart of God, she worked diligently to present an intimate Holy Spirit filled experience for every woman in attendance with great success.

As a teacher, Sybella steps into her Spiritual gifting and shines. I’ve had the opportunity to attended several different series in our church where she was the the instructor. And again, it is her passion and knowledge of the Word, that flow into her teachings. She presents an environment where the Holy Spirit is honored and free to have His way. It is with passion and conviction of faith that Sybella teaches and with a deep desire of her heart to see all whom she encounters, experience Jesus in a real and personal way, to go deeper and to press in with fervor.

Honor to recommend Sybella Owens Ministries - Anne Hepworth, Cape Cod, MA

Sybella Owens is a blessed great woman of God who walks in the love of the Spirit, teaching and speaking the Word of God with authority, passion and holy zeal.  With her deep love for the Lord, she is able to enrich and enlighten others with spiritual ardour and passion for the Lord.  She seeks the Lord diligently for everything and honors and obeys His instructions.  Obedience to the Word, a walk of purity, humility in the Spirit, teaching others to walk in the Way have always been strong characteristics of Sybella Owens.  Her fruits spill out to bless others in all areas of her life, teaching, training, equipping, speaking, prophesy and also creating prophetic and scripture inspired products and gifts from Sybella’s Blessing Shop with her strong focus being Jesus as the centre of everything.

Sybella Owens has walked though the fire and water, seen tribulations in her life and has come out stronger in the Lord experiencing miraculous victories.  This gives her the credibility to teach others and also enriched her own relationship with God to a deeper level.  The Holy Spirit is her guide and teacher and she personally has witnessed miracles in her own life and has deep faith to pray and believe for others.  She diligently studies the Word, and trains, equips, mentors and encourages others in the Body of Christ.

She has a deep love for God and the Body of Christ, always willing to lend a helping hand to others.  She teaches with ardour, accuracy, and God is using her wonderfully in her prophetic ministry, graceful, true, tested and tried.  She is always seeking to walk in a deeper relationship with Jesus whom she adores.

Sybella Owens has a special ministry to the Body of Christ, whom she seeks to encourage, pray for, speak life over and build up.  She is always there for the weary, tired and lonely hearted and God.  She ministers under God’s powerful anointing, teaching the Bible, prophesying, speaking rhema words and teaching with love, wisdom, humility and accuracy.  I would recommend Sybella and Sybella Owens Ministries to the Body of Christ.  She is pure-hearted child of God, led and anointed by the Holy Spirit, a treasure and a precious gem to me and many, many others.

Sybella Owens – blessed great woman of God - Rita F. Kurian, Blog Writer