Sweet Growing Pains – Part 3

Sweet Growing Pains – Part 3

His Beloved, this is the 3rd and final part on the Sweet Growing Pains series. If you missed those you can go to part 1 here and part 2 here.

Real LOVING GODLY RELATIONSHIPS involve way MORE WORK and PATIENCE (just one of the Holy Spirit Fruits) then many care to look at or admit. It’s like the devil has hoodwinked the Body of Christ just enough so that we THINK we have the whole LOVE & RELATIONSHIP thing down pat, as if when we hear teachings on it, we act like that’s obvious BABY STUFF. Sound familiar? Kind of reminds you of the “know it all” religious sect that frustrated the Lord as they pointed fingers, had noses in the air, in pride and hypocrisy. Oops!

What does the Bible warn about in the last days? Some main things are: LACK OF LOVE, COLDNESS OF HEART, OFFENSE, Lovers of themselves (pride), FALSE preachers, prophets and people who SEEM to have a form of Godliness or who are sent to DECEIVE even the elect. Another scripture says who look like sheep but are actually RAVENOUS WOLVES! This grabs my attention how about yours?

What do the above warnings all have in common? They come forth or are discerned through RELATIONSHIPS. The Lord teaches us that we will know a tree by its fruit (see part 2). He talks all about HOW we are to BEWARE as well as, part of HIS STRATEGY on discernment. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FRUIT (character). Do they display the FRUIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT?

Well, take a look at Galatians 5:22-23 again…while we are at it, how about YOU and ME? Do WE display the fruit of the Holy Spirit in OUR relationships? BECAUSE it must start FIRST with each person in the Body of Christ being willing to let God grow them up NOW.

Challenged? Good! 😃 The Lord is doing it on purpose! It is WAKE UP TIME and may we TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, now more then ever. I pray you have been blessed by this 3 part teaching on “Sweet Growing Pains.” Would love you to share your comments below.

God bless you all. ALWAYS in His Love and grace, walking WITH you, your sis, Sybella Owens


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