Sweet Growing Pains – Part 1

Sweet Growing Pains – Part 1

My Throne Room Brothers and Sisters, the Lord has given us words for years at our local church on GROW UP and WAKE UP for our region. This has also been echoed prophetically across the GLOBE many times over. A MAJOR, if not MAIN part of this “GROW UP” message has so do with how we TREAT ONE ANOTHER.

I know many of us may feel like we KEEP hearing the Love scriptures over and over…but guess what? That’s because it’s NEEDED! The more the LORD REPEATS HIMSELF the more it needs to be heard, received or acted upon. If it’s still a “verily verily I say unto you,” then that means there are still many that have not heard or listened. To those, I say listen to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you in Jesus name amen (myself included).

Unlike people, God doesn’t talk just to hear Himself speak. He does FOR US, to HELP US. He does this amazingly, whether we want to hear it or not. However, again, if you don’t want to hear it, that is likely an indicator that YOU NEED TO HEAR IT MOST. Of course another indicator is if your flesh getting like a porcupine yet? 😉 Ouch! LOL.

My heart (which I believe is the Lord’s on this) is EARNESTLY for each of us to TRULY take the MASKS OFF, get REAL, stop PLAYING church, get HIS priorities straight IN US and LOVE as HE has commanded us to! It is WAY OVERDUE. It is TIME.

We NEED to do this Beloved and you know what? It takes work, commitment and CONTINUOUS GRACE AND POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to do so! Don’t act like you can do it yourself! LOL None of us can. That is PRECISELY why we need the LORD and believe it or not how HE WANTS IT us DEPENDENT ON HIM not us!

Challenged yet? Good!¬†ūüôā The Lord is doing it on purpose! It is WAKE UP time and LET US TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, now more then ever. would love to you hear what you think in comments below!

Come join me for Sweet Growing Pains Part 2

God bless you. ALWAYS in His Love and grace, walking WITH you, your sis, Sybella Owens



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