Special Anointing of the Father’s Love to Heal the Fatherless

Special Anointing of the Father’s Love to Heal the Fatherless

Hi My Holy Spirit Fire brother and sisters in Christ! The Lord gave me this powerful word last week that I am excited to share with you today! The Lord is releasing a special anointing to heal the fatherless! It is a special Agape Papa Love anointing for those (both men and women in Christ) who have been crying out for it and also for those who God has called to walk in it.

I hear the words “mandate” for some and “mantle,” for others. It is the powerful pure agape love of the Father. This is needed for both the Body of Christ and the world. The Lord has shown me that both groups have felt the devastation of feeling fatherless. Our Heavenly Papa wants tor restore the Spirit of son-ship by which we cry Abba Father!

Those (both men and women in Christ) who will walk in this revelation and anointing by the Holy Spirit of God, will reveal and release the Father’s heart and love. When this happens they will witness chains being broken off people, the “helpless” cases who others have given up on will be healed, people will be raised up out of wheelchairs and healed of infirmities!

The Father’s love will cast out orphan spirits, heal father wounds, even male authority wounds and traumas with men. The Lord says these things have tainted many people’s view of Father God and created walls in many, resulting in underlying trust issue and fear of Papa.

These trust issues may be obvious to some, but not to others. Father says that some people who are dealing with chronic illnesses, chronic issues, evil cycles and mistrust is due to underlying father wounds and agreements of the enemy that they came into at a very young age.

The Lord has shown me that this has also happened in the Church. The Lord says there has been many who have felt rejected by church elders and leaders, who are supposed to be loving and gracious, firm yet gentle, blessing not cursing, willing to teach and disciple others. Instead, of these leaders mentoring with the Father’s heart, in healthy boundaries and accountability, they have dropped, neglected, competed with, cursed, shunned or cut off others as if they were gangrene.

Therefore, many have wounds from those they considered spiritual mothers or fathers or people of authority they looked up to. This has caused not only some deep wounds but trust issues, bitter roots and even illness for some. At it’s worst, the trust issues with the leaders has also transferred over subconsciously toward Papa God.

This has trapped some in a vicious cycle of mistrust, wounds, doubt, pain, heartache, loneliness and even torment that they feel that cannot break out of.

Well, Abba Father has had me post this today to encourage you that He hears your cries and loves you and is calling forth and bringing forth sons and daughters in Christ who will walk with this mantle of Agape love of the Father to heal and restore you by His Spirit in the Name of Jesus!

They will walk in the agape love of the Father that will not only tear down strongholds that have not been able to be torn down for years, but I see the strongholds demolished into smithereens! The Father’s love will uproot evil rooting systems and seeds that were planted from childhood that many don’t even know they have.

I see arrows being pulled out and flying out of people, people being not only healed but strengthened and leaping up fast and strong out of chairs and running with a new health and vigor! A new vibrancy when they receive Papa’s love for them!

So get ready whether you the Lord has prepared you and is calling you forth to walk in this special anointing or whether you have been hurt by what is described here! The Lord is singing over you songs of deliverance and is Mighty to save! He will quiet you in His love and is warring on your behalf! He will heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds in the Name of Jesus!

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  1. Debbie bertrand

    You are so lovely. I recently started watching you on YouTube. You’ve been an amazing encourager to me in such a short period of time.
    This word touched me so deeply. I know young men and women who need this touch of God. My heart cries for them and their wounding. Oh, how exciting this is. Our Daddy God is so wonderful.
    I pray this comes to a town near all of us! Your sister in Christ, Debbie

  2. Sybella Owens

    Dear Debbiem, welcome! great to see you here and thank you for your gracious words Sister. I am so glad that you are being blessed in the Lord by my YouTube videos! Hallelujah! Isn’t our Abba father so Wonderful to us! Yes I stand in agreement with you for His anointing of love to come forth to a town close to you and even on you yourself in Jesus’ Mighty Name amen! 🙂

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