Relationship Shift

Relationship Shift

My Throne Room Brothers and Sisters, do you feel like any of your relationships are being shifted? After talking to many in Christ I know this word is still in effect! The Lord gave this Word about Mid March. To see it on YouTube click HERE. I heard Him say: I need to do a Relationship Shift with MANY of you.

ALLOW Me to remove the people I need to remove from your lives. I know you are USED to them being there. BUT some of you have grown WAY to DEPENDENT on them. I know it is hard for some of you to let these relationships go, but it is TIME. The harder it is to let go of them shows the DEEPER the dependence that has developed.

THEREFORE, YOU need to RELINQUISH them into MY hands or the enemy will use them to turn on you in ways you cannot imagine or necessarily predict. Don’t let PEOPLE become IDOLS. You are to DEPEND on Me, says the Lord.

In order for Me to take you to the next level, I need to SHIFT these things. TRUST in Me. Trust that while it may not make sense to your own understanding, it is needed. What matters is that I understand what I AM DOING ON YOUR BEHALF and the OUTCOME OF IT. You will come out STRONGER on the OTHER side of this. Focus on Me and RETURN to ME. Let Me REKINDLE in you, your FIRST LOVE FOR ME, says the Lord.

Does the Word resonate with you? Would love to have you comment below.

God bless you! ALWAYS in His LOVE and GRACE. Walking WITH you. Your sis in Christ, Sybella Owens

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  1. Sheila

    I am ready Abba Father…You can remove them from me

  2. Amen dear sister Sheila! Yes Lord, I agree in Jesus’ name amen!

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