Prophetic Word – Sift, Shift, Catapult

Prophetic Word – Sift, Shift, Catapult

Hi My Throne Room Brothers and Sisters! I’m going to continue to speak life and encouragement into you Bride of Christ!  I know there are many layers of things going on. A lot of deep work, shifting, transitions and some of it is very painful for some. Let this short but powerful word encourage you today in Jesus’ Name.

The Lord is saying embrace the SIFT and you will SHIFT into higher heights and deeper depths that will CATAPULT you to the MORE you have been crying out for!

For some that sifting, may be happen in relationships, activities, social media, use of time, whatever it may be in your life, recognize the SIFTING is on purpose and with purpose.

When you are mixing ingredients to make something from scratch, often the recipe will call for sifting the dry ingredients before adding the wet. I want to encourage you to cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s leading, as He sifts through the dry areas of your life that need the water of His Spirit.

Therefore, pay attention if you feel the leading of the Holy Spirit to begin to change (shift) or let go (sift) of certain things. Part of sifting can be to examine things much more closely, to get rid of lumps or impurities. This may be in areas that surprise you or at a deeper level then you have gone before. So I want to encourage you if you are not already, to ask the Lord to increase your sensitivity to His Spirit.

I prophesy over you now Child of the Most High God in JESUS’ MATCHLESS NAME that as you embrace the process of His SIFTING, you will then SHIFT into the NEW levels of NEW LIFE that God has for you in this season! AMEN!

Does this resonate with you? Would love to hear your comments below.

Love your Sis in Christ, Sybella Owens


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Spirit filled, on fire Jesus Lover. Revivalist, Reformer and Prophetic Voice. The Lord has called Pastor Sybella & put a passion in her heart to teach, equip and encourage the Body of Christ through speaking, writing, prophetic & prayer intercession. Director of Sybella Owens Ministries. Founder of Sybella's Blessing Shop, & soon to be School of the Spirit, Sybella loves all things Jesus, belly laughs, gracious honesty, genuine friendship & a good cupcake.

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  1. Evangelist Maria Triplett

    Continue to be a light in a dark world. Jesus Anointing is on you to help remove burdens and destroy yokes of bondage in the lives of His people.

    God Bless You in a Miraculous and Royal Way!

    Evangelist Maria Triplett
    Triplett Ministries

  2. lyn joyfull

    yes, this is exactly what is going on in my life:)

  3. Terri

    Yes this is so good! God is so good and cares about those areas of lives that have been disappointment after disappointment. God is not satisfied with disappointment, He wants restoration! He challenged me today to believe this and I believe your word confirms it. Thank you!

  4. Sybella Owens

    Hi Lyn! Great to see you here! So glad you witness so strongly to this word! God is so good to us! God bless you sister in Christ!

  5. Sybella Owens

    Hallelujah Terri! What a wonderful confirmation! I thank & praise the Lord with you! He is so good! Yes yes yes on RESTORATION! IN Jesus Name! Amen! God bless you! Hope to see you again!

  6. Sybella Owens

    Thank you Evangelist Maria! God bless you as well, in all that you do for Him, in Him and by Him to the glory of His Name in Jesus Mighty Name amen!

  7. Jeba

    Yes and Amen. Thank you Jesus for the Encouraging Words! Shifting me to the Higher Level to Shine like STAR. AMEN.Hallelujah!

  8. Jeba

    Yes and Amen. Thank you Jesus for your Encouraging Words! Shifting me to the Higher Level. To Shine like STAR. AMEN.Hallelujah.

  9. Sybella Owens

    Yes Lord! I agree with Jeba in Jesus’ Mighty Name amen and amen!

  10. Melissa schaffer

    This resonates with me so deeply
    It’s everythjng the Lord has been telling me!!!
    I’m doing massively deep work, more than ever I believe
    I’m excited for the blessings to come

  11. Sybella Owens

    Hallelujah Melissa, I am so glad this resonates with you! Thank You Lord!

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