Hi my beloved brothers and sisters, about 8 months ago I had a dream. I did not feel led to release it until now. It’s very encouraging so get ready to receive!

In the dream I saw a huge psunami! For a moment I thought it may be bad, I asked the Lord and I heard Him say, this is My psunami of My Spirit, of My Love, of My new things, of My revelation, of My Glory that is coming. It is coming daughter. It is coming. Get ready. Prepare your storehouses for overflow, prepare for your tent pegs to be widened, get ready, get ready, Glory to God! Praise God!

Does this speak to you today?

Would love to hear your comments below!

God bless you.

Always in His Love and Grace, walking With you,

Your sis, Sybella Owens

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  1. Jeba

    So nice to read!
    Our Lord is so Good!
    Thank you Jesus.
    Thank you sister Sybella.

  2. Sybella Owens

    He is SO AWESOME ISN’T HE? Yes we thank You Lord! Thank you Jeba for being here ūüôā

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