Prophetic Word – Dimension Shifters

Prophetic Word – Dimension Shifters

Hi my Throne Room Brothers and Sisters, as we enter into the last three months of the year, I believe the Lord is going to begin to bring forth this word even as we cross over into 2018. Be encouraged as you read this in Jesus’ Mighty Matchless Name amen.

I hear the Spirit of God say that we are about to enter into a season where the Lord is going to use many of us to shift dimensions and even thrust through multiple spiritual layers that we are not yet aware of. It’s going to bring a whole new meaning to being atmosphere changers!

The Lord is raising up people who are not only on fire for Him, but who have a holy boldness and purity for Him that will transcend anything we have seen before. I see an area in the spirit where people are getting specialized training and the enemy is not even aware of it. It has been veiled by the Lord in certain ways in order to prevent the devil from seeing how strong you actually are becoming.

The devil has thought many of you were down for the count and that he wore you out. While some of you may even feel that way right now, what I am seeing is a preparation area that is totally within God’s control to train and equip you. In this place that I see, you are safe, getting stronger and bolder each day until you are ready. When you walk out the Lord will use you to shift entire areas and dimensions for His Kingdom!

Does this word resonate with you? Would love to hear your comments below.

God bless you! Your Sis in Christ, Sybella Owens

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  1. CL Mareydt

    YES! This really resonates with me & it is ignited by the Holy Spirit!
    TY so much for your faithful ‘right on time’ words full of LIFE & TRUTH!

  2. Raymond

    Thank you my sister for the word. I can also say this is resonates with me and let’s send the devil and his goons Back to the pit of hell Where they all belong and we thank you my sister For lighting for the fire back in us and we thank you Jesus For preparing us for Holy Spirit battle. Let’s wage war against the devil And his demons And with Gods help. We shall and will overcome in Jesus name. Yes my sister thank you for giving us the instructions from the command center of heaven in Jesus name amen

  3. Sybella Owens

    Hi Sister CL! So GREAT to see you! I am so glad this resonates with you! And YES! Thank You Holy Spirit for igniting it in Jesus Name! Thank you my friend, always a joy to see you!

  4. Sybella Owens

    Amen Brother Raymond! You are so welcome, glory to God! Keep walking in your authority and asking God for His Kingdom Directives, battle plans & blueprints in Jesus’ Name.

  5. Robear

    The Father, says to me I am Ready, in this Now Season, Month of Oct. Glory to God !!

  6. Sybella Owens


  7. Carol L Fernandez

    Yes praise the Lord it does resonate with me ,The Lord has been leading me for months on a spiritual journey from glory to glory and can’t wait to see where He is going to take me next. As I browse youtube I have come across so many powerful men and women of God was in a wonderful Holy Spirit filled church ,I am from New Orleans and my church has moved ,I started attending another church but the Holy Spirit would never let me settle there I knew I didn’t belong there even though most of my family were members since my entire family has left that church due to serious problems in the church and two of my nephews have backslid. I am currently helping to care for my mother who is 75 and not well so feeding my spirit through ministries like yours but yours seems to be right where I need to be bless you and your team.

  8. Sybella Owens

    Hi Carol! GREAT to see you here as well as YouTube and wherever you can join! The Lord is doing so many new things it is very exciting! Praying for the Lord to draw back your nephews and family members in the Mighty Name of Jesus! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Praying also for your mom and your time with her to be fruitful in Jesus’ Name! I am so honored to be counted as part of the many Godly men and women online that are doing the Lord’s work. It truly is a joy and honor when technology is being used to the glory of Jesus! Thank you for your blessings upon my team and I and I hope to possibly see you sign up for the Ephesians 3:20 School in the works.

  9. Jeba

    Yes and Amen. Yes Lord.
    Let Your Will be done.
    Joy to the World! Thank you for raising DIMENSION SHIFTERS. The entire atmosphere is to be changed. Those who are in darkness will see the Glory of Jesus.Many will be delivered from darkness by the BLOOD OF JESUS and will take territory for Jesus.Let us rejoice in HIM. Thank you Sister, Sybella.

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