Non Toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bag
Non Toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bag

Non Toxic and Green Anti-Tarnish bags by Intercept™ will protect your jewelry from tarnish for up to 3 years! These are  environmentally friendly and a safe way to protect your jewelry gift(s).

The 2×2 size Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bags will fit most of our jewelry except the bracelets. Our 3×3 ones will fit all of our bracelets or several smaller items in one bag. To remove tarnish and to keep your jewelry shiny get our jewelry polishing cloths here.

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Hand Stamped Promise Ring
Adjustable Hand Stamped Promise Ring

This Adjustable Hand Stamped Promise Ring has an encouraging hand stamped message on the outside. Choose from the selection in the drop down box. We only have these three left so grab them while you can! Choose from the selection in the drop down box:


I love Jesus

Hearts and Flowers design (no words)

Materials and Specs:

What we like about cuff style rings is that you don’t run into the pinch effect you can with other rings. It is usually 14-16 gauge, 3/8 inch wide polished 100% food grade pure aluminum which is awesome because it is more hypoallergenic Read More

then even sterling silver is, with the same beauty, no tarnish, no fuss and much more economical! Talk about a win-win!

It is just male-able enough to slightly adjust it which makes a real difference. This size fits US size 6-8.

This will come in an organza or jewelry pouch ready to give. 

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