Gift Box Upgrade
Small Gift Box Upgrade

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This Small Gift Box Upgrade is for those of you who want to add an extra special touch to your gift. It is 3.5 x 3.5 inches with a beautiful satin like white material on the inside which creates an elegant presentation. It has an organza bow on the top. This 3.5 gift box fits all of our jewelry, key chains, lip balms, perfume & anointing oils.

For a bigger gift box to 5x5x3″ to fit our scented sprays, scarves, body butters, soaps or other bigger items please see here.



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Silver Polishing Cloth for Jewelry
Silver Polishing Cloth for Jewelry

This is a good quality silver polishing cloth for jewelry. It will remove dirt on the surface or light tarnish on sterling silver and silver plated jewelry. This is great to add to any jewelry gift along with Intercept Ziploc Anti Tarnish bag or Anti Tarnish Tabs.

Please note: for any silver plated jewelry you want to use sparingly and very lightly so you don’t rub the silver off. This can also be used on aluminum, brass and gold pieces as well.

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Non-toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Tabs
Non-toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Tabs

This listing is for Intercept™ tabs, 1″ x 1 Non-toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish tabs that will not scratch or harm metals or gemstones. Intercept™ anti-tarnish tabs provide great protection against tarnish that normally occurs over time and are environmentally friendly. These tabs are good for up to 12 months and will begin to change color when it’s time to replace. These tabs will not leave deposits on jewelry items and are non-toxic and non-abrasive.

You can place these Non-toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Tabs next to your jewelry piece inside a jewelry box, or place your jewelry piece inside a plastic bag with the anti-tarnish tab. Tarnish-causing elements are absorbed by the tabs to help prevent tarnish.

Click here for the awesome Non-Toxic Green Intercept Anti-Tarnish Ziploc Bags which will last up to 3 years! Need something to remove tarnish? Click here for pour jewelry polishing cloths.

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Non Toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bag
Non Toxic, Green, Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bag

Non Toxic and Green Anti-Tarnish bags by Intercept™ will protect your jewelry from tarnish for up to 3 years! These are  environmentally friendly and a safe way to protect your jewelry gift(s).

The 2×2 size Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bags will fit most of our jewelry except the bracelets. Our 3×3 ones will fit all of our bracelets or several smaller items in one bag. To remove tarnish and to keep your jewelry shiny get our jewelry polishing cloths here.

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