Custom Hats
Custom Hats

Our Custom Hats are a creative and fun way to display a simple message, faith or some of your personality. Each one of our hats are done by hand with special ink paints and air dried between layers. The ones displayed are an example of just a few we have done for customers that we took a picture of. We also have one left that is already made. You can use them as an idea.

We base our prices based on simplicity or complexity of design (time), special paints and inks needed (cost of supplies). Please see the picture options with prices to get a rough idea. You can choose from the options in drop down box, thanks!

For custom hat design please fill out the following info below and feel free to send a picture with idea (please stick with simple ideas, they look better).

  1. What 1-2 words you want it to say
  2. Style: humor, faith (see faith, hope, love), bold, pretty etc.
  3. Top 2 Color hat choices (stock varies) – most common white and black
  4. Any simple symbol: cross, heart, smiley face, simple pattern

Please note: these are hand painted with special inks and dried between colors, they are not meant to look like they popped out of a machine, if you want that don’t get this. We love our truly one of a kind handcrafted items that are created with our own hands in prayer and to bless. Therefore, they have a more raw, artistic, humorous or “keepin it real” look to it. This is on purpose and the style of the hat. There are no returns for these or any custom product due to the nature of it being made for you personally. It will be considered a final sale :-)

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