Custom Hats
Custom Hats

Our Custom Hats are a creative and fun way to display a simple message, faith or some of your personality. Each one of our hats are done by hand with special ink paints and air dried between layers. The ones displayed are an example of just a few we have done for customers that we took a picture of. We also have one left that is already made. You can use them as an idea.

We base our prices based on simplicity or complexity of design (time), special paints and inks needed (cost of supplies). Please see the picture options with prices to get a rough idea. You can choose from the options in drop down box, thanks!

For custom hat design please fill out the following info below and feel free to send a picture with idea (please stick with simple ideas, they look better).

  1. What 1-2 words you want it to say
  2. Style: humor, faith (see faith, hope, love), bold, pretty etc.
  3. Top 2 Color hat choices (stock varies) – most common white and black
  4. Any simple symbol: cross, heart, smiley face, simple pattern

Please note: these are hand painted with special inks and dried between colors, they are not meant to look like they popped out of a machine, if you want that don’t get this. We love our truly one of a kind handcrafted items that are created with our own hands in prayer and to bless. Therefore, they have a more raw, artistic, humorous or “keepin it real” look to it. This is on purpose and the style of the hat. There are no returns for these or any custom product due to the nature of it being made for you personally. It will be considered a final sale :-)

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Encouraging Jewelry Scarves
Fashion Jewelry Scarves

These lightweight Fashion Jewelry scarves come in beautiful vibrant colors, adding a wonderful touch of color to any wardrobe at any time of year. You may choose the jewelry that you want to go on it.

For our silk spring and summer printed scarves go here.

Please see our product pictures for reference, some of the jewelry pendants are larger then others.

Please see pictures for color choice (*note: color monitors vary). You may also get this plain without jewelry here.

For warmer scarves see our Infinity scarves here and here.

These are very comfortable against the skin. This is a thinner polyester material that can be worn year round. These are also perfect for our jewelry scarves, which you can see here.


About 75-85 inches long and 13.5 ” wide, this smooth polyester material can be crinkled up thinner or spread out wider depending on your taste or outfit.

Care Instructions: Take off all jewelry before washing. Delicately hand wash cold, line dry.

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Beautiful Fashion Scarves
Beautiful Fashion Scarves

These beautiful fashion scarves come in beautiful vibrant colors, adding a wonderful touch of color to any wardrobe. Please see pictures for color choice (*note: color monitors vary) and get them while you can because these sell out fast!

These are very comfortable against the skin. This is a thinner polyester material so it can be worn year round. These are also perfect for our jewelry scarves, which you can see here.

For warmer scarves see our handcrafted Infinity scarves here and here.

For our Silk printed scarves see here.





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Beautiful Heart Scarf
Beautiful Heart Fashion Scarf

This beautiful heart fashion scarf is a wonderful way to remind yourself or others how lovable they are!

This heart scarf is based on the scriptures that we are called to love one another as Christ has loved us that all may know we belong to Him. As well as that we are dearly loved and beloved children of God.


This is a lightweight fashion style fabric (soft chiffon silk) that can be worn year round. It is wonderfully smooth against the skin.

Want something warmer or solid color? Check out our other scarves here.

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Hand Crafted Infinity Scarves
Hand Crafted Infinity Scarves

These Hand Crafted Infinity Scarves are a beautiful way to keep yourself warm with style. You can wear these in different ways depending on your taste, mood, event and weather conditions. I’m very picky about my scarf materials and that is why I love our soft comfortable jersey material. It feels lovely against your skin, you’ll get no uncomfortable itching or chaffing with these! I create these with much love and prayer to be a blessing you or the gift recipient!

Want a Handcrafted Word or Scripture scarf so you can wear your faith or encouragement? Please see our listing here.

Some tips and styles:

For added warmth: Wrap around 1-2 times like a turtleneck Read More style. (see purple pictures)

For a beautiful elegance: wrap it around once twice, then pull first loop tighter against your neck and take the second loop and put it over the top and through the bottom of the first loop and pull. This will create a lovely tie like effect that looks very stylish and feminine. (See white and red scarf picture)

For a necklace effect: Wrap around twice and pull first loop closer to your neck and pull the second loop down, twisting a bit so it looks like a necklace. (see grey scarf picture)

If you want more coverage just play with it in the mirror and untwist it to spread out the material. These also look wonderful with a brooch or pin as well as an accent.

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Hand Crafted Infinity Word Scarves
Hand Crafted Infinity Word Scarves

These Hand Crafted Infinity Word Scarves are a wonderful way to stay warm, be stylish and wrap yourself in the powerful Word of God! These are made by hand with special ink that will not wash out. If you want crosses, hearts, smiley faces sprinkled throughout or a phrase, word, or a scripture on it please let me know the details in the order box at checkout.

If you want a plain Handcrafted Infinity Scarf with no ink on it please see that listing here and here. Jewelry scarves are here.

These are saturated in lots of love and prayer as they are hand crafted. Please keep in mind that no scarf will look the same and every letter will not be exact or look perfect, these are done by hand.


M-L is medium to Large and this will wrap around 2 times for the average adult, possibly three for a more petite person or a thinner teen or child.

L-XL is Large to Extra Large size – This is longer and will wrap around 2-3 times depending on size of the person’s head and neck. For a woman likely 3 times.

Material and Scarf Care Instructions:

Materials: Jersey Knit, special non toxic staining ink

Washing Instructions: Occasional Delicate Wash, Line or lay flat to dry. Hand Wash recommended.

This soft jersey knit material can be occasionally machine washed if absolutely needed on delicate wash! Music to my ears! Line or laying flat to dry is recommended to prevent shrinking. Once it is dry, take one end of the scarf in opposite hands and stretch really hard to get that nice curl to come back and get the shape back. You can also use the top of a door way and put the top part over the top of the door and then pull the bottom of the scarf don toward your feet for a good stretch. You can also have another person hold it and you both pull in opposite directions. This will restore the shape and nice curl to the material which gives it a nice look.

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