Prayer of agreement, Custom Orders, Testimonials

Every product has a meaning of encouragement, faith or scripture behind it! The details matter to us and are lovingly and prayerfully chosen. We pray over every item and design to be a personal blessing and encouragement to whoever receives it. At Sybella’s Blessing Shop we offer to join you in a prayer of agreement to go with any item(s) that you purchase from us. It is a prayer of blessing and faith based on the bible.

What do we believe regarding prayer?

If you read through my story on how our business began on the about page then you will have a better understanding of my passion for prayer and why I do it. Prayer is really relationship with God, it is how we communicate with Him and He with us. God is all about relationship. It goes both ways. God however is not meant to be a drive through Macdonald’s although we sadly often treat Him that way. He is gracious and loving nevertheless and is always looking for ways to bless us and pour out His love on us.

The bible says God is Love. That is amazing. It’s not just He is loving, He is Love itself. Think about when you felt the most loving in awhile, what did it make you want to do? Be stingy or selfish? No! It makes you want to bless, give gifts, encourage or doing something loving for a person. How much more for God who is Love and has power to bless us through His Son Jesus Christ? We do need to ask however in the name of Jesus. Because God created us for Himself to love and gave us freewill to choose Him or not, He will not invade our free will choice. He will not force certain blessings on us. He desires us to choose Him and to come to Him to have relationship. To know He is a Loving Father and is waiting with arms open wide, just for us to turn to Him (think the prodigal son story) about to burst with all the love He wants to lavish on us! Think about that image when you pray ­čÖé

The bible says that our prayers avail much…to ask, seek and knock! God says if we ask anything in the name of Jesus in accordance with His will He will answer it! (James 5:16, Matthew 7:7, John 14:13) Jesus tell us in the bible in Matthew 18:19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” So let us go for it!

If you would like participate in our prayer of agreement offer with your items, please be sure to leave your prayer request in the order box at checkout (best way) or send it to us in the contact form under contact us. Thank you!

Prayer and Custom or Personalized  Designs

All of our designs have some sort of scriptural meaning behind them, so we can agree with you regarding that scripture. If you want us to create a custom design or piece with a specific scripture for you or another person, we would be happy to, and do that all the time actually.

We will happily pray with you also for the Lord to show us a┬ádesign for a person you want to buy for if you desire, please note this is by faith, so if are doing it just to find a problem then don’t bother ­čśë Only sincere faith believing customers please.

We believe totally in the power of prayer to move mountains because that is what God does when we ask Him in Jesus name! It is by His power and His name. Please contact us freely through our contact form or contact tab for custom orders.