Powerful Healing Word: I have the Key to your heart

Powerful Healing Word: I have the Key to your heart

Beloved, this word is so tender and beautiful from our Papa to you. As I wrote out by the Holy Spirit I had tears come up more then once. Oh what a loving Good Good Father we have. He wants to heal us. He wants to more then we even want it, which is hard for us to fathom. I pray for you to open your hearts to receive this powerful loving word from Papa God so that He make come in with His key and heal you in Jesus’ Name amen.

I have the Key to your heart

Papa says to you now, I have the key to your heart. The key to the deepest places within you. I have the key to the innermost places you don’t allow anyone access too. The places of hurt, of betrayal and unspeakable rage. The places of horror, torture and anguish. The places of doubt, hopelessness and mistrust.

I have the key into past memories, traumas and abuse. The areas that you have locked up so tight, like a fortress, where there are thick bars and miles long steel walls, so that no one can get close again. The places where you have erected countless walls around the chambers of your heart, praying that somehow in some way this would make the torment, hopelessness and loneliness you feel somehow disappear. That the agony would drown into nothingness, if you just bury it deep enough.

And yet, I am He who has created you in My Pure love. I am the One who knit your beautiful heart together tenderly and with excitement thinking of all the joy I have planned for you. The chambers I designed Myself, each intricate part, masterfully measured and put into place.

Each innermost area that you have locked away, I designed. I know intimately the hidden places where you have locked away, painful  things, even unspeakable things.

Those places that have seeped into your bones and blood, much like poison because you have locked up your heart so tight that there is nowhere for the pain to go. It needs to come out. It needs to be released. It is out of the mouth the heart speaks. Out of the mouth that the heart ventilates.

It is time My precious child, you have places in you that are screaming out to Me continually inside. Places in which your agony is so overwhelming that you cannot face it alone. It is time to let me use My key. It is time my child for you to allow Me to unlock these areas, that I may come and heal you. I will not overtake you. I will not force Myself upon you. I will not. I am asking for your permission to use the key that only I have, says the Lord.

Beloved, I am the Solution. I am Who You need. I am the Hope. I am the Answer. I am the Healing. I am the Peace you so long for. I am the Companionship. I am the Security. I am the Tenderness. I am the One who will soothe you and rock you in My arms, until you can calm down. I am the only One who can do this for you. I have been waiting for so long to heal you. I desire it more than you do.

I have the key, but I need you to say, “Yes Papa, you can unlock it now.” Even if that is just the first step. Me unlocking it. Until we take the next step, to you letting Me open the door to these chambers of your heart. Until, finally, we go into to your innermost chambers together, and you can see that you are safe now, because I am here and you have finally let Me in.

What a beautiful word, I know this had me teary eyed several times. Are you ready to receive? Are you ready to let Papa bring His special key that only belongs to your heart and only He possesses? I would love to hear your comments below. Did this touch you?

God bless you, always in His love, grace and service, walking with you,

Your sis in Christ, Sybella Owens



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  1. Sheila

    It’s very touching my precious sis ….this word touch my heart soooo very very deep…if there’s something in my heart left that doesn’t belong there my Pappa can come with His Special key and remove it …like He did sooooo many times before….I thank You Abba Father in Jesus Name….thank you for sharing my precious sis …thank you soooo much….I Love you bunches precious sis…God Bless you and family always

  2. Sybella Owens

    Hallelujah dear sis Sheila! I am so glad that the Lord touched you so deeply with this beautiful word. I was deeply touched as well. Just seeing the amazing pure heart of our Father for us is immensely powerful and healing isn’t it? WE have such a Good Good Father!

    Yes we thank You Abba, we praise You and love you because You first loved us! We thank You for pouring in Your healing balm of Gileaud into every nook and crannie of our hearts and innermost beings Papa God. Come in and have Your way in the Mighty Name of Your Son Jesus Christ we pray amen and amen

    Love you to my precious sis, God bless you more!

  3. Charlene Elwood

    I am undone by every word of this ?!
    If we could just get this and believe it we would break every chain. FREE! Nothing would ever hold us back from receiving ALL GOD HAS FOR US. AMEN!

  4. Sybella Owens

    You are SO right my precious sister Charlene, truly amazing grace and love. Father God we come before you together and ask that You woudl give us total revelation of Your perfect love for us, that we would know by revelation just like Paul prayed in Ephesians the height, depth, width and length of the love of Christ, that we may be filled with all the fullness of God through & through in Jesus’ Wonderful Matchless Name we pray this, Amen and Amen.

  5. Kelly Sellers

    HALLELUJAH just papa you can you the keys unlock everything daddy and come into every area of my life You want to anytime Abba father I’m ready

  6. Ronel

    It sounded like the God I know that typed these words. Thank you for being an instrument. I do struggle to get threw stuff. And you “pinpoint” them out. I struggle to pray in tongues. I will while I talk to God hear I am false… but I know I am not.

  7. Sybella Owens

    Hi Ronel, welcome to my blog 🙂 I am so glad that you are witnessing our Lord in these words, glory to God! Yes, I understand about the struggles and also the enemy often tries brings doubt and confusion. He twists things and is a deceiver. Remember when he did that with Eve? He will do that with tongues often with people as well. It’s so good that you discern that this is the enemy and that you are actually hearing from God. That is such a key. There are many sadly who will not share or will be tormented for years believing the lies of the enemy, so I am encouraged as I read your post that it sounds like you are discerning. Thank you for posting and sharing your heart. It’s great to have you here 😉

  8. Vanessa

    Dear Lord,
    I give you permission to heal me. I have so much deep seated pain that it has made me fearful. Heal me dear Lord. Please cone in and heal my heart and every chamber. I need you Lord and I give you permission. I love you Lord and I look forward to your grace, mercy and healing power and process. May you break down the walls of embedded degradation. In Jesus name. Amen.

  9. Sybella Owens

    Amen dear Sis Vanessa. What a beautiful heart felt prayer. I stand in agreement with you to receive all that you have requested in the Mighty Faithful Name of Jesus Christ amen and amen.

  10. Jeba

    Yes and Amen. Prayed for my beloved dad and cousin Jemimah.
    Lord will heal them.

  11. Jeba

    Yes and Amen. I pray for my dad and my cousin Jemimah. Lord will heal them.

  12. Sybella Owens


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