Permission to Let Go

Permission to Let Go

His Beloved, the Holy Spirit has brought forth a word for me to share with you…to encourage those of you who struggle with letting go and allowing yourself to let your guard down. This is a word especially to those who feel they always need to be the strong one, “carry their weight” no matter what etc. He says many of you NEED PERMISSION to LET GO and yes, LET GOD be GOD. God says to ask you: WILL YOU LET ME LOVE YOU MY WAY? WILL YOU LET ME BE GOD AGAIN?

He says He gives you PERMISSION at this moment in your life, in this circumstance to be broken, to be weak and to STOP TRYING to HOLD YOURSELF together.

Recognize and discern that you need to let go of the reigns, your knuckles are white. It is time for you to RUN into your Abba Papa’s loving arms, Who is the One Who is all Powerful, all Loving and all Wise. You have PERMISSION to let your GUARD DOWN with the Lord Who is FAITHFUL and can HANDLE IT.

Let GO and TRUST God to be your strength, stop trying to carry burdens you were not created to carry. God is the BURDEN BEARER not you. TRUST Your Loving Father to take care of you. Let GOD be made PERFECT in your WEAKNESS. You have PERMISSION to REST beloved and let GOD BE GOD. I hear the Lord say to you, LET ME TAKE OVER FROM HERE.

Does this word of the Lord minister to you today?

God bless you. ALWAYS in His LOVE and GRACE. Walking WITH you.

Your sis, Sybella Owens

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The Lord has put a passion in Sybella's heart to teach, equip and encourage the Body of Christ through speaking, writing, prophetic & prayer intercession. Sybella loves all things Jesus, belly laughs, gracious honesty, genuine friendship & a good cupcake.

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  1. Sheila

    Yes Amen Amen…very encouraging ….just what I needed….thank you sis…God Bless you abundantly….much love and hugs for you sis

  2. Amen dear Sheila! I’m SO glad this ministered to you. I love Holy Spirit’s perfect timing! Thank You Abba! God bless you even more sis and thank you for reading, receiving and commenting!

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