About our Personalized Products 

Our personalize hand stamping jewelry, key chains and fishing lures allow you to choose a scripture, initials, symbols, word or meaningful message for you or the gift recipient. With our jewelry you may also decide how fancy (bling), colorful or plain you want it.

We also offer personalized accessories and apparel that we paint/ink ourselves with our own hands in love and prayer. We are proud to create it with our hands and not a machine (I always pray Lord bless the work of our hands). Items we offer are: personalized painted/inked hats, tee shirts, scarves, purses, chain purses. We also sometimes do shoes canvas (contact us for that).

For other accessories we offer fun, stylish and bling sunglasses that we uniquely design. Sometimes depending on our materials you can get your jewelry to match your sunglasses as well! We have some cool camouflage or plain ones for the guys who don’t want to get all “blinged” out LOL. Something for everyone ♥