Where it all began: My story

There was a time when I could not tolerate any soaps, scents, metals or almost any product at all. Neither the doctors or I understood why I was suddenly getting sick from these basic things that everyone uses (and that I had no problem with beforehand). It made no sense. It was confusing, scary, frustrating and at last hopeless. Some people called it Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), but when I researched it (since no doctor could explain it), I saw a bunch of people like me, who had been basically left by the wayside, with the same story. I heard the same words, “the doctors don’t know,”…”I can’t tolerate anything”…and in short the words repeating “confused, scared, frustrated and hopeless.” And there was no help. Nothing helped.

Nothing Helped. Nothing that is, until I met Lord Jesus

Nothing that is, until I met Lord Jesus. I had known of God and even believed in God as a youth, but did not have personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. I had not asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior…I did not even know what that meant and I had not heard of that before. Sometimes, I think about that and wonder how many Christians may have been around me but were too afraid to share about Jesus. I was open, I just honestly had no idea what I do now. It is so true what the bible says about spiritual blindness. It really was like I was blind and now I see. Just like in the amazing grace song. The Holy Spirit in His grace opened my eyes and allowed me to receive the Lord and from that point on everything began to change! I am forever grateful to God and the prayers of some Christians that I finally did meet and were open being Christians so I knew where to go with questions!.

Trusting in a Miracle Working God 

Fast forwarding many years later, I was praying to the Lord for provision and purpose. I had already been creating my organic skincare products for myself and giving them to others as gifts for a long time by then and had no plans of stopping! You see, I believe with my whole heart that these products were born out of tons of prayer, seeking God for wisdom, researching, praying for healing etc. I knew the ideas and even formulas were from God because I had tried plenty of things on my own without seeking Him and could not figure it out myself. Only the Lord had the ability to know what I could actually tolerate. When I began to surrender it to Him and seek him for His wisdom not mine things began to change. He began not only slowly healing me Himself, as I learned to trust in Him and what He did for me on the cross, but He was also giving me the wisdom and ingredients to help heal me through these products.

By the time the business idea came up so many years later, I had grown in the Lord in personal relationship, in the Word, in prayer, in hearing and discerning Him over a long time. I was plugged into a awesome church family where I still am today with good leadership and counsel around me. So during this prayer on asking for provision, the Lord put on my heart to consider using the products He had given me to step out as a business (there was the provision)! He also put on my heart to have faith for each product to be kind of like a prayer cloth. I would pray over each item and create it in love so whoever received it would be blessed. Lastly, He put in my heart that the skincare products (which at the time was all I was making) would represent cleansing, healing and nourishing. Isn’t that just like God, there is the provision but it requires you to step out in faith and believe in Me.

Now I thought well that sounds great Lord and then the dreaded “buts” came in. You know how that goes! No one likes a big but! But, how am I supposed to afford this? But, what about my energy levels Lord? But, what if it fails? But, what if I don’t have faith etc. I knew the “buts” were on my end, however, I also knew we are called to test the spirit (1 John 4:1) and ask for confirmation and that much more when you are getting attacked by so many dreaded big buts! So that’s exactly what I did, I asked for even more confirmation before stepping out in such a big way. Now, to be clear it was not as though God had not already proved Himself regarding the products (not that He has to prove anything) as I explained, but thankfully He is gracious with us and He knew that I needed more confirmation before stepping out as a business in my personal situation. That was a BIG step for me at the time.

So, that does the bible say? The bible says that by Jesus’ stripes we are healed (Isa 53:5). If any of you lack wisdom ask God and He will freely give it, also Jesus has become our Wisdom by His Holy Spirit inside us if we will be led by Him (James 1:5 and 1 Cor 1:30) God is our Provider, there are many of scriptures on all of these topics actually and because this is me sharing and not a lesson I think you get the gist. So, God wants us healed. God is Love. God loves when we seek Him for wisdom and help. God is for us not against us! (Romans 8:31) God provides. This all lines up. God asks us to step out in faith (Matthew 14:29). I could name so much more. Suffice to say this is why it is important to know the Word. We need to know the Lord, His character, Who He is, what He says about Himself and us in Christ. We can only really learn this by the Word of God and spending time in personal relationship with God. The bible is awesome and when we pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal more to us in Jesus name He does!

Confirmation has become, what I consider to be, a little joke between the Lord and I. I always ask for it and He always confirms all over the place for me LOL. Isn’t God so gracious?! And that is what He did, not only through the above scriptures but also through others that did not even know, He confirmed the prayer cloth word, the anointing word on the products. I went to our church business support meeting we use to have at our church years ago and ran the business idea by my pastor, leaders and others and with their support as well. I was also given the scriptures Acts 19:12 and Acts 5:15 where the bible talks about Paul and His clothing or handkerchiefs being so filled with the anointing of the Lord that people were healed and blessed. I read the passage about people being healed by the shadow of Peter (Acts 5:15) I could sense the stirring of the Holy Spirit, so now will you trust and believe?

So, quite a lot of confirmation, yes God is gracious indeed. So I stepped out in faith and said, “Okay Lord, may it be as you said it would in accordance with your will, in Jesus name, amen.” I stepped out and that is how it all began.

God is Faithful and Keeps His Promises

As you can tell, if you have read this far, (which also means you’re awesome LOL). When the body care line began to grow, I heard in my heart the Lord say, “expand the ideas, I want to reach more people.” Then the ideas just came pouring in. It was like everywhere I looked and this and this LOL so that was when the other products began to be born. Now sure enough, there is something for everyone. It is also all covered in tons of love and prayer, so it can be a “prayer cloth” just as He said. This is also why we have the prayer agreement offer which you can read about more at the bottom. We have added way more personalized products to be able to give more options of scriptures and meaningful designs, as well as more choices.

Well, it should not be a surprise that God is Faithful and I have seen His word come to pass over and over, just as He promised with many of our products across the board and I believe it will continue to, by the grace of God. We have gotten many testimonies, whether it be of family members getting saved, prodigals returning, baptism of the Holy Spirit, feeling comforted through tough times, descriptions of anointing of God, feeling protected, healing of their skin, crying, knowing something is for the person and then receiving that feedback that it was exactly what they needed without knowing the person or the customer having no idea they liked or needed that. Scriptures and words being received at just the right time and the list goes on and on.

These kind of testimonies can only happen by the amazing grace and love of God. I am also truly humbled and amazed with how much the business has expanded since starting with handcrafted soap! I know without a shadow of a doubt, it’s only by the grace of God. All glory goes to Him and I have a grateful, thankful heart.