Sybella OwensDid I hear invitation ūüėÄ ¬†If you’d like a¬†speaker for¬†your conference, church or event I’d be honored¬†to come.

The Lord has called me and put a passion in my heart to teach, equip ignite and encourage through speaking, writing, prophetic & prayer intercession.

I have a heart for the lost to come to Christ and for the Body of Christ to return to their First Love and be set ablaze for the Lord, becoming¬†the glory carriers we are called to be! That¬†the Precious Bride of Christ would know their¬†Abba Papa’s heart, their¬†identity, their inheritance, authority, be led by the Holy Spirit and overflow with the glory, love and power of God.

Revealing the Father’s heart, through the Word of God and by the Spirit of God, I teach, train, prophesy, and equip¬†on¬†revival starting with the heart, how to have intimacy with the Lord, identity, each part matters, how to honor, how to discern, how to operate in the gifts and be led by the Holy Spirit.

From this place of knowing Abba’s heart and love for us (intimacy and identity), combined with the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit, we may now “practice what we preach” and walk out Jesus’ command to love one another as He has loved us, becoming a genuine witness to the world. We may also rise up, arm and arm and march forward together in God’s love, glory, power, anointing, authority and inheritance that He has created us to walk in for such a time as this!


I teach, train and equip through both speaking and writing. My style is transparent, encouraging, genuine, at times quite bold with a bit of humor. I am¬†always dependent upon God’s Word along with the power of the Holy Spirit to speak through me and minister to others.

I seek the Father’s¬†heart and Presence and do my best to communicate an on-time-word straight from Abba’s Throne to those who are receiving.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your conference, retreat, church, workshop or other event, please contact me here.

I will always seek the Lord for a specific on-time-word for your congregation or event. If you have a specific word or theme that the Lord has placed on your heart, please let me know so I can pray into it with you. Lastly, I also have some key prepared messages that God has already put on my heart to teach as well if that is what you witness to (please see below for some topic examples).

Here are some teaching topic examples below:

  • How to be a person after God’s heart like David
  • How to have Christ like relationships (how to walk in the love of God as Jesus tells us to)
  • Restoring Unity: Repairing of the breach (dealing with offense, healing relationships in the body of Christ)
  • How to pour out your heart to God – freedom in transparency
  • How to have intimate relationship with God
  • Learning how to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • How to cast your cares on God
  • How to hear and discern God’s voice
  • Cultivating¬†His Presence – Stepping out and asking Holy Spirit
  • Effective Christlike Leadership
  • Leadership: Importance of Honor, Humility and¬†Modeling
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Ask, Listen, Discern, Obey

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Other Opportunities

If you are looking for guest blogging, collaboration or custom Christian products or something to do that is TEAM JESUS please contact me here. Also you can see more on my writing HERE and more about why I really do what I do HERE.

Forever His ~ Sybella Owens