Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

My Throne Room Brothers and Sisters, the Lord brought forth a word while I was praying about a year ago describing the main problem in the world. He said, “daughter the world suffers from an IDENTITY CRISIS. They are looking for Me but don’t even know it because they have been so hurt and deceived.” I thought, “Wow, yes LORD, Yes.”

The devil starts as young as possible to hurt, deceive and steal our identity. Sadly, by the time many people begin to seriously think about their purpose in life, they have been so inundated with lies, condemnation, confusion, fear and shame that they are deceived and crushed. They have no true identity…or have an “identity crisis.”

If they have had any faith based background, often it is religious or harsh teaching (the thing Lord Jesus came the strongest against) telling them that IF God EVEN exists and IF God is even loving then He is DISTANT and ONLY loves them BASED on their TO DO LIST. If they make a mistake (sin) they are taught they will go to hell, God will be angry with them and punish them or there is no hope, so they conclude, mine as well keep sinning.

This is EXACTLY what Jesus came to deliver people from:RELIGION. God did not create robots! That is why He gave free will choice. He LOVES US WITH ALL THAT HE IS AND HAS and so in HIS LOVE and BEING LOVE ITSELF, of course He won’t force anyone to choose to love Him back and have RELATIONSHIP with Him. That would fly in the very face of LOVE ITSELF. He wants RELATIONSHIP, not TO DO LISTS (religion).

Let’s make this practical for a second. How would you feel if you were going to what you thought was a “romantic date night” with your spouse and you got home and they said in a robotic, void of love or worse yet, even sweaty fearful palms (because they were terrified of you) that they did this TO DO LIST for you and then RAN out of the room into the bedroom and shut the door, never to come out again the rest of the evening!

NO CONNECTION with you. NO SHARING or talking about your day together, NO LAUGHING, NO TOUCH or JOYFUL RELATIONSHIP. What? That’s crazy! Ugh! Well, God does not want us treating Him like that either. HE IS LOVE! Read More

However, I must tell you that when the Lord gave me this word of IDENTITY CRISIS in prayer He was not mainly talking about the world, although He did include the world. I was specifically praying to Him about the Church or Body of Christ. Those of you that read my posts or website blog know that God has placed relationships on my heart VERY STRONGLY. He has done this because it is the KEY to WHO HE IS. GOD IS LOVE and we are called to walk in and display His Love to EACH OTHER and BEFORE THE WORLD.

If we are to represent Him accurately to the world we then MUST receive the revelation of HIS LOVE FOR US‘ so we can then walk in His Love with Him and each other. The Bible says we love BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED US. If we can’t get this first part we simply cannot walk in HIS LOVE the way HE has called us too. It is biblical.

The Lord builds revelation ON TOP OF revelation. The bible says we are transformed from glory to glory. This is how we grow. It’s similar to when you need to learn how certain letters go together before you can spell bigger words. We love BECAUSE He FIRST loved us. Ahhhhh.

SO Why is the BODY OF Christ still stuck in many ways? I believe one of the main reasons based on what the Lord revealed (and seems to have been confirmed many places for several years) is because we have not gotten this revelation that our Abba Father God loves us because He CHOSE to. We don’t REALLY trust and believe His love for us is based on His GOODNESS, not because of what we do. The result is we are like little babies. We are left insecure, afraid, easily shaken and it comes out in our relationships.

Is their responsibility involved in our relationship with God? Of course, but hold your horses, we need to remind ourselves even in the natural, there is a time and season when little babies are TOTALLY DEPENDENT on their parents for EVERYTHING. They need time to grow.

During this time parents may feel overwhelmed and feel like their children are demanding, insistent, desperate, exhausting and are inherently entirely selfish! Because they are BABIES! Thankfully our Papa God is never overwhelmed with us because He is ALL SUFFICIENT, HE IS I AM.

So let us, not forget the baby analogy for those in the Body of Christ that we interact with who are TRULY babies in Christ. I’m not talking to those of you who ACT like babies but know better 😉 I’m talking about the actual babies!

This also applies to those in the world who need to hear the TRUTH that they ARE LOVED BY GOD NO MATTER WHAT THEY MATTER! GOD SAYS THEY ARE ALL WORTH DYING FOR and HAVE PURPOSE! GOD LOVES THEM EVEN ENOUGH TO LET THEM CHOOSE TO GO TO HELL. GIVING THEM FREE WILL CHOICE IS PRECISELY WHAT LOVE DOES. If it wasn’t it, would be forcing and dominating. While we have a very hard time wrapping our heads around this, GODS LOVE IS ACTUALLY UPHELD IN FREE WILL CHOICE.

This post is to remind us to pray and get revelation of our IDENTITY IN CHRIST, starting with being loved. This topic I realize can go way further but for now if you are new or are just struggling with this after many years of religious teaching yet you just don’t feel loved. How do we do this? Get into the Bible and look up scriptures on God’s love for you and make it PERSONAL. Please make sure you pray for the Lord to reveal this to you.

Other places to learn this is a church that teaches the gospel, not fire and brimstone and you’re going to hell if you got scared over a spider and fear is sin! No please stay away from those type of places Beloved. ❤️

– Online teachers in Christ you trust or you witness to in the Holy Spirit.

– Holy Spirit is our TEACHER, He can teach you Himself if you take the time, to listen and allow Him too. He will also confirm His teachings through others.

God bless you all, I pray you are encouraged. God loves each one of you so much and yes you need to really know and receive this to really walk in it. If you don’t believe it then you cannot freely receive to freely give like the Lord says. You can’t give away what you don’t possess yourself. Don’t ever be condemned by this, instead, let it point you the Lord to run to Your Abba Papa God who’s arms are outstretched wide, big pearly white smile and eyes full of love for you. Run to Him and He will reveal His Love to you in Jesus name amen.

Are you blessed by this word today? Would love to hear your thoughts in comments below.

ALWAYS In His Love and grace, love your sis, Sybella Owens 



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  1. Allen

    Connection and communication and sharing is so important in every relationship and mostly with God. I had to learn the hard way. But now I know. Thank you lord

  2. Yes it truly is. Sadly many miss this. There are many hurting people in the world and in the Body of Christ due to lack of ability or willingness to learn how to communicate in the way God has intended. It causes incredible hurt, loss and even trauma to many. The bible says the Lord came to heal the broken hearted and bind up our wounds. It also says I wish above all things that your health prospers JUST AS your SOUL prospers. Many have no idea that there soul is sick and needs healing. Sometimes it takes losing people we love to wake us up to this and genuinely run to God to ask Him to heal what is needed in us so that we may be all that He has created us to be for His purpose and so that we don’t continue to destructive patterns of hurt with ourselves, God or others.

    God bless you on your journey.

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