Firestarters – Receive Pure Fiery Heart Anointing

Firestarters – Receive Pure Fiery Heart Anointing

Hi God’s Beloved! The Lord gave me this word to share with you that is so powerful. Revival is so much about returning to our First Love Jesus and pursuing Him as He pursues us. Get ready to receive a fresh new on fire love for the Lord as you read this in Jesus’ Mighty Name amen!

I am raising up an army of Laid Down Lovers who are set ablaze for Me. Those who’s single desire is to pursue Me. I desire to fan into flame their First Love, with more veracity and tenacity then ever before!I I am actively looking for those who will PURSUE Me with beautiful, reckless abandonment, giving their WHOLE heart to Me. A people who will call on My Name, not just to get things, but will cry out to Me for More of Myself, My Presence, more of My Passionate Fiery Love, My Glory, so that they may fall deeper and more passionately in love with Me and will do my will without question.

I am looking for the Pure Firestarters, the ones who will be set ablaze with My fiery love that comes straight from My Throne Room, says the Lord. Get ready, for I am going to raise up more and more my Pure Firestarters. They will have My pure fiery heart anointing! Seek Me for it! Desire it! Receive it! Spread it! Release it! For it is coming and is even here for those who truly want it, says the Lord!

Are you ready to receive it? Leave your comments below! Let’s pursue our Awesome Lord and ask for him to set us ablaze for Him!

Love your sis in Christ, Sybella Owens

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The Lord has put a passion in Sybella's heart to teach, equip and encourage the Body of Christ through speaking, writing, prophetic & prayer intercession. Sybella loves all things Jesus, belly laughs, gracious honesty, genuine friendship & a good cupcake.

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  1. Jeba

    Thank you Father. Wonderful Jesus. Thank you for raising up an Army. Glory to Jesus.
    Lord, you are raising a lot of FIRESTARTERS. Let Your FIRE burn in their Hearts. Lord, fill up our Nations with these Firestarters. Let Your REVIVAL FIRE spread out in all Nations. Lord, kindly hear the cries of Missionaries , Intercessors and Watchmen. More firestarters are arising for the Great Harvest -Ahead!
    Nowadays Missionaries are tortured; Hands broken; Legs broken; Their belongings and residences destroyed by using fire by enemy. Let us pray for the release of Firestarters in large numbers to take territory for our Lord’s Kingdom.
    Dear sister, kindly pray for our Nation, India. It is in Asia. St. Thomas Mount is in Chennai, India. Thomas, disciple of Jesus has shed his blood in our area.
    We uphold your Ministries in our prayers. Thank you sister.
    Amen. Hallelujah!

  2. Jeba

    Thank you Jesus for raising up an army.Amen. Lord, fill-up our Nations with FIRESTARTERS to spread REVIVAL FIRE everywhere.Let the FIRE in the Hearts of Missionaries, Intercessors and Watchmen kindle fire everywhere destroying darkness.
    Lord, thank you very much for raising a large number of Firestarters. Nowadays Missionaries are tortured; Hands broken; Legs broken; belongings and residences burnt. They should not give up. FLAMES OF FIRE with Fiery Heart Anointing will change the atmosphere and take Territory for Lord’s Kingdom!Amen.
    Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus.
    Dear Sister, kindly pray for our Nation- India. It is in Asia. St.Thomas Mount is in Chennai, India.
    Thomas , disciple of Jesus , has shed his blood in Chennai, India.
    We uphold your ministries in our prayers. Thank you Sister.

  3. Jeba

    Thank you Jesus for raising an army of FIRESTARTERS.
    PROPHETS AND MISSIONARIES are going to shine for Jesus. Revival FIRE is to be kindled.Prophets will speak to the leaders of Nations. Many Nations will see the Glory of God.Glory to Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen.
    Thank you Sister, Sybella.

  4. Sybella Owens


  5. Sybella Owens

    YES LORD! Praying Jeba for the Lord to be a FIREWALL AROUND YOU AND THE GLORY WITHIN based on Zechariah 2:5, that He would lead and guide you in all that you do in Him and by Him. That He would send the right people to India and for your ministry. That You woudl have that Firestarter anointing upon you as God intends and that He would use you powerfully to the glory of His Kingdom in JESUS MIGHTY MATCHLESS NAME AMEN! Thank you for your prayers as well.

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