Each Part Matters – Godly Relationships Part 1

Each Part Matters – Godly Relationships Part 1

 Each Part Matters

Godly Relationships Part 1

God is a God of relationship. The types of relationships we have in our lives directly affect our lives profoundly. It is crucial that we understand the different categories of relationships in our lives and the boundaries that make it that type of relationship and then, get the right person in the right category of that relationship.

If we put a person in the wrong category and we put expectations on them that do not belong there, then we can get hurt or offended. This effects not only our personal lives, families, workplaces and life “outside” of our home church but it effects us as a church body because God has chosen to work with us through the relationships we have, both with Him and with each other in church.

Each individual person makes up the “Body of Christ,” therefore our personal relationships with each other effects how well, we, as a church “Body” function together and how much we can actually receive from God corporately.

The bible clearly says each part (person) in the body of Christ matters and have different functions (categories) that are of equal importance (1 Corinthians 12:7-11, Romans 12:4-15 NKJV).

When we are functioning as God intends in the Body of Christ, led by His Holy Spirit, there will be a beautiful symphony that will emerge as each part is allowed to do what it is called to do. Then each part will give and receive from each other as God intended. The bible says we only see in part, so we need to let each part (person) reveal what piece of the puzzle God is showing them. Only, then we can notice how the puzzle pieces fit together to see what God is revealing to us at any given time.

God has it set up this way on purpose, we need each other. I believe this is another reason why Jesus said love one another as I have loved you as well as submit one to another. Not only as a witness to the world, but He knew that this is a key to the body of Christ, receiving all He wants us too. If we don’t humble ourselves and lovingly submit one to another as unto Christ, then we will naturally not value each part as it should be valued. Consequently, we can miss important pieces of the puzzle that God is trying to reveal to us including and not limited to: His strategies, encouragements, directions, corrections etc.

Remember it is the enemy that comes in to create division and get us caught up in ourselves. If he can get us to argue and compete, compare and get into arguments that have nothing to do with furthering gospel of Jesus Christ than he will. We who have been given the Holy Spirit of God must be sober and aware of the enemies devices while still fixing our on eyes on Jesus.

Gender, race, creed, social status, class, titles, education, status etc does not matter to God. God so loved the WORLD…are you in this world He created? Then that includes you! We need to be mindful of this, as we can spend our days on this earth comparing, trying to one up one another, being sexist, racist, jealous, insecure, controlling, prideful and other forms of nonsense as the devil laughs at us. OR we can choose to rise up like the sons and daughters of the Living God that we are and walk in our True Identity in Christ Jesus and obey His commands. If Jesus is our identity then who are you or me to tell another they are some how less then? We are called to look at each other through the eyes of His Spirit and the blood of Jesus. It is all about Jesus and what He did, not us.


Father God please help us as Your body to value, submit, be humble and love not only You but one another as You have called us to Lord in Jesus name. Hep us to see that we are all equal in Christ. While we may have different function and gifting, Each part matters the same to You and each part is precious and honored in Your sight. We only stand in the gift of righteousness of Christ Jesus which is not our own. Help us to not act as though the gifts You have chosen to give to each of us at any given moment are gifts in and of ourselves. You are the One that works through us as You choose, by Your Holy Spirit and as we yield and obey You Lord. It is out of Your Grace and Goodness. Help us not to get tempted into foolish arguments and comparisons, but instead be led by You Lord, In Jesus Name amen.

What do you think?

Does this resonate with you? I would love to hear your thoughts in comments.


God bless you always, Sybella

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  1. ajbarrows19

    wow, what a good message to read once a week to be reminded and keep afresh. Praise you Lord.

  2. Sybella | Sybella's Blessing Shop

    Amen ajbarrows. You make a great point about how we need to be reminded. The bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ. Everything in the world feeds the flesh so spending time in the Word of God, with the Holy Spirit and having good Godly counsel, looking at Godly teachings, really can help that. Thank so much for your comment!

  3. Una Williams

    Sybella is a Blessing, talented in sharing the word and inspiration of God through her jewelry. She is a disciple that spreads the word that touches ones life. I purchased the Pick Key Ring for my sister. Sybella knew the exact words to monogram on it. It is perfect and truly made with love.

    I am Blessed to have Sybella as a HUGE extension of my Christian Sisterhood.

  4. Sybella | Sybella's Blessing Shop

    Thank you so much my sister Una for your kind words, glory to God. I really appreciate it. Yes, you were at our women’s ministry meeting when I did the “Every part matters” teaching and we did the encouragement letter to each sister. What a beautiful night in the Lord we all had together!

    I’m also so happy to hear that you like the personalized pick key ring for your sister.

    Thank you Una for your loving and gracious words, I am so blessed to also have you as my sister in Christ! YOU are a HUGE blessing not only to me but to so many and especially our Lord 🙂 Much love you and have a Merry Christmas and beautiful time with you sister and loved ones in Jesus’ Name amen!

  5. Alba Vega

    Thank you for such a great message sis! The prayer brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Lord for your word through our sister Sybella, it is a blessing to us, it brought much understanding about it the true body of Christ. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank you Father and Holy Spirit!

  6. Hallelujah my dear sis Alba! Yes, thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit of God, glory to You Lord, we thank You so much Lord for encouraging my dear sister! I am SO happy that the Lord has blessed you through this teaching my precious sister. It is SO strong on my heart is is almost overwhelming! I know the Lord is trying so hard to reach each of us as His children and the Body of Christ to really understand how He designed us each uniquely and the part that we each have is SO important and needed. Also the importance of supporting one another, accepting one another and even ourselves etc. Thank you Alba for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it! God bless you my sweet sister!

    Your sis, Sybella

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