I pray over each of my designs and create them with purpose and loving care. The colors listed below with their meanings are coming from that personal prayer time with the Lord and often match the prayer being done over the that design color as it was being created. Please note however that all my designs are not limited to only the meanings listed below or to only color meaning, but that color plays a role in the meaning and may fluctuate depending on the complexity of the design at the time it is created.

This is meant to be a guide of the general color meanings for those who are looking for deeper understanding and idea of our creations. My hope is that this may strengthen your faith so we can agree with you in prayer with any items that you are getting for yourself or others. Please see our information on the prayer of agreement option we offer at Sybella’s Blessing Shop here.

If while you are reading or exploring our site and a meaning touches you I would encourage you to consider getting that design for the person you are looking for or for yourself.  If these meanings don’t resonate with you, or that is not what you are interested in, no worries, you can just simply choose what color you like.

We also make jewelry sets so if you want matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces please contact us for a custom order. We give a discount on sets.

Blues – Grace, Jesus, Heaven, Healing

Reds – Blood of Jesus, Protection

Pinks – Love of God, Precious, Beloved

Orange/Peach/some Browns – Joy, Fire of the Holy Spirit, Harvest

Greens – Throne Room, Growth, Prosperity in all areas

Gold/Bronze/Yellows – Glory of God, Anointing

Lavender/Purples – Royal Priesthood

Grey/Silver – Redemption

Cream/White – Purity, Sanctified, Washed whiter then snow

Scripture Inspired Blessing Bracelet – based on the scriptures Hebrew 4:16 and Revelation 4:2.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us.. a throne set in heaven… And He who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald.

Color Meaning – Red – we approach the throne confidently through the blood of Jesus. Blue – to obtain mercy and find grace. Silver – We have Redemption. Yellow/gold/- His Glory. Green – and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald.