Fresh Fire from His Throne Room

Sybella Owens

The Lord has called Sybella to reveal the Father’s heart, help awaken, teach, train, equip, ignite, mentor, revive, call forth and encourage the Bride of Christ, through speakingwriting, prophetic & prayer intercession. Her heart is for revival, the lost to be found, and the Body of Christ to pursue intimacy with their Bridegroom, being set ablaze for Jesus, rooted in His Love, His Word, His unity, Spirit of sonship, as well as, to discern and operate in the gifts and leading of the Holy Spirit with the purity and power God intends.

Revealing and submitting to the Father’s heart, by His grace, Sybella inspires, teaches, spurs on and equips the Bride of Christ in how to have intimate relationship with the Lord, build Godly relationships, repair the breaches to bring healing, restoration, revival, unity and Kingdom building to the Body of Christ. She teaches on many other topics including, identity, prayer, prophetic intercession, obedience, true revival, Spirit of sonship and contending in the faith to walk in the fullness God intends.

Pastor Sybella has had a decade of ministry experience, witnessed and walked in many miracles and has a pure, on-fire passionate love for the Lord and His Word. The Lord has placed in her an apostolic-prophetic voice of purity, reformation, love, truth and unity.

God has also placed in her heart “Laid down Lovers, “Pure prophetic voice” and “Team Jesus.” She desires to form pure partnership with others in Christ to connect, build genuine relationship, submit to and seek the Lord for His Kingdom strategies to bring revival, the Father’s heart and reformation to communities, regions and nations for the Lord.

When speaking or writing, Sybella pursues and submits to the Father’s heart to deliver an on-time-word or teaching from Abba’s Throne room of Grace. Her style is transparent, encouraging, passionate, at times bold with a touch of humor. She is dependent upon both the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to speak through her and minister to others.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your conference, church or faith event, a Facebook live or YouTube guest to share the Father’s heart, Sybella would love if you would prayerfully consider inviting her here. She considers it an absolute joy and honor to come in the Name of the Lord.

If you are a leader or emerging leader called to build the Kingdom in partnership please contact Sybella and tell her about yourself, what God has put in your heart, and the vision He has given you. Serious inquiries only please HERE.

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If you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you have the seed of Christ in you! Glory to God! It is truly amazing POTENTIAL, the GREATEST potential that exists. Christ in you the hope of glory! The potential of GOD HIMSELF in us and through us by His Holy Spirit.

And just like any seed, it needs the right environment to grow and reach its full destined potential. We all need certain conditions that will help us to thrive, to be nurtured, supported, encouraged, blessed, taken care of and challenged in just the right ways so that the full potential inside of us may come forth at just the right time.

This is a PROCESS. An exciting, tough, strenuous, painful, joyful, exhilarating, frustrating, amazing, jaw dropping, painstaking, hilarious, adventurous PROCESS! One that we are in TOGETHER with our Loving Abba Father, our Lord Jesus as our Anchor and All in All and the Holy Spirit of God that works so powerfully within us. It is a process we are also in with one another.

God made us to not only need Him but also each another. He created us as A Body, a unit, a team, with Him as the Head! Each part matters incredibly. HE created us to live in COMMUNITY and FELLOWSHIP with Him and one another in His UNITY and LOVE.

Love is an action word. Encouragement is an action word. Fellowship and community are action words. Submitting to Him and to one to another unto Christ is an action word. And while sometimes “the action” may be to rest, to listen or just be quietly with one another, that in and of itself is action. It is also intentional.

When we JOIN together for the Lord and in the Lord, spread His Word, get in His Presence, lift each other’s arms up, laugh, cry, fellowship, grow and walk together, it brings Him glory and joy! It also fosters the right healthy safe environment for us to grow together in Him, by Him and with each other.About us

So I invite you and encourage you to join together with me and by the Holy Spirit of God. YOU are valuable and needed, I am valuable and needed, WE are valuable to the ONE who is ALL valuable and birthed us from His Bosom, by His Holy Spirit! Why are we needed? BECAUSE HE SAYS WE ARE! And others need to know that THEY are also needed and valuable!

So let us unite in Him, Let us connect, let us fellowship in Christ, let us fix our eyes on our Beloved Lord Jesus and gaze upon His beauty together. Let us point each other and others to Love Himself, the Solution Himself, to Joy Himself, to Peace Himself, to the Savior and Lord Himself, Jesus Christ. Let us share scriptures, life, joys, sorrows, fears and triumphs all to the glory of our King!

Let us build each other up and not tear each other down. May we model Christ likeness even in the midst of our brokenness. May we pray for one another and with each other. May we seek the Lord’s strategies and listen and see what He brings forth through each of His masterpiece puzzle pieces that He has created for such a time as this.

I pray for this to be one of many places where it is a Holy Spirit filled, loving, safe, genuine, inspiring environment where you and I, WE, can foster community with one another and grow, so that the Lord may fulfill what He has planned to the glory of His Kingdom. You are welcome to read more if you want to go much deeper into why I do what I do HERE (SPOILER ALERT only for avid readers :-D)


Sybella’s Blessing Shop Customer Product Testimonies/Testimonials

Here are a few beautiful testimonies we received from a customer’s gift recipient Diane. She wrote us after receiving from her friend several gifts that we prayed over and designed personally for her (Diane). We also share some other customer testimonies which you can also view here or you can look under the products directly Read More

Diane M, MA. Writes:

“I was given some gifts from a friend who purchased them from Sybella’s Blessing Shop during one of the most difficult times of my life. I was given two of her handcrafted scarves with scriptures on them. I put the scarves on at home and wear them around the house. As I do, I feel the comforting presence of the Lord, as if my heavenly Fathers’ hand is physically on me, comforting me.”


“I also was given an angels wings bracelet representing psalms 91. I was so excited, because that is my favorite psalm. I wear the bracelet almost every day. I totally believe that All of these items have Gods hand of protection all over them. They are definitely anointed by the Holy Spirit and a blessing!”


“When I am facing a person or situation that I feel might be a challenge, I wear my “Armor of God” necklace!”


“I truly believe in my heart that my Father in heaven is the author of Sybella’s scarves products and jewelry designs.”

Some other customer testimonials

I received these ship’s helm and key earrings from a dear friend and sister in Christ for graduation. This was the most meaningful gift I received, and I will forever treasure these earrings and their significance in my life is meaningful, reminding me that Christ alone carries the key to everything and that He is my provider! – Erin W. MA


I have purchased necklaces from your jewelry line as gifts because the pieces moved me in a way that I knew they were meant for a particular person. – Rosemary, MA


This ministry of Sybella’s is authentic. I have purchased many products, some for myself and pleased with the spiritual results. Others look at my bracelet of the Cross and I feel so good inside, I’m proud of my Lord’s Victory. – joyoussons


I love it !!!! this angel wing bracelet is so precious!. It’s really comforting and pretty at the same time. I know I have a guardian angel and this bracelet reminds me daily that wherever I go God’s angels go with me. – Kristina Palmer, MA

I received these beautiful 3D princess (red) crown earrings as a Christmas gift. They remind me that I am a princess and I wear them proudly. I have also received many compliments.– familynunes, MA

Well crafted, feel like an angel when I wear them!!! Everything I purchased from Sybella has never disappointed me! – Chandra Oliver, MA

You are welcome to read more testimonials here and we also would love to hear from you. If you want to leave product feedback directly, here are instructions here.

About our (His) Blessing Shop

I am the founder, owner and artist of our Blessing Shop, although I truly consider the Lord all of these things, with me as the vessel. Encourage means to give support, confidence, or hope to (someone). Love is an action word.

Here, my heart is to put God’s love into action by creating meaningful products and gifts on purpose with purpose. My goal is to inspire, encourage, build faith, nourish and bless others in creative ways. I do my best to provide scripture inspired, encouraging, stylish, unique, heartfelt products prayerfully and covered in love! I pray over each item I create or supply for it to be touched by the Lord and being a blessing to whoever receives it. Read More

The Holy Spirit gives me design ideas and scripture meanings behind everything. Please always feel free to ask me! When you look around you will see there is something for everyone. That is on purpose, it is actually God’s purpose to touch everyone. Every one matters.

As you explore Sybella’s Blessing Shop, I believe you will see the Lord’s heart reflected in many of our products. My prayer is that as you visit you will sincerely consider supporting us, and that together, we can bring forth ways to love, inspire, encourage and bless others in various ways to the glory of God!  

Shop Benefits: Quick & Easy bullet version:

  • The ability to customize and personalize a gift for others or product for yourself
  • Caring personal customer service that will work with you to help you choose what product(s) fits you or your gift recipient’s needs
  • Natural and organic skincare products free from Parabens, Pthalates, Gluten, detergents, mineral oil, GMO’s, dyes or soy
  • Scripture inspired and faith building products
  • Knowing where the product is coming from
  • Knowing who is creating and/or supplying your products and gifts
  • Knowing the intention behind the product for you and your loved ones
  • The option of a blessing prayer of agreement over each product you are receiving for yourself or for others (click here)
  • Products designed to not only look great on the outside, but also to go deeper to encourage you on the inside.
  • Healthy natural and/or organic products designed for sensitive skin
  • Vegan products
  • A meaningful and inspirational gift
  • Quality products made with care at economical prices
  • Products specifically created in tons of love and prayer
  • God’s love in action – joining us in encouraging others through the marketplace
  • Supporting a Christian Business and Ministry to the glory of His Kingdom

The Blessing Shop Difference: Why Us?

We live in a world filled with products coming from all over the globe, passing through many hands with various intentions (for good or bad). When I first began stepping out by faith for our business, I remember the Lord showing me how there are many jewelry items and products that actually are prayed over by shamans, witch doctors, new age and other ungodly or anti-Christ influences that people have no idea they are buying, carrying around, wearing or giving to others.Read More

He said to me: Daughter I want My Holy Spirit blessing to get out into the marketplace. I want My anointing on them, prayers of My people who believe and belong to Me to be on them. There are only two main Spirits in the world, that of the Spirit of Christ Jesus and that of the anti-Christ. He then put in my heart to pray over every item for His anointing to be on it in Jesus’ Name and so that is what I do.

We are a small Christian business and you have the assurance that what you get from our Shop is being tended to, created, designed and/or supplied in loving care and covered in prayer to be a blessing! Read More We believe creating and serving in God’s love and prayer does make a difference. We believe pure intention and the heart behind the products makes a difference. We believe who is creating or supplying the product makes a difference.

Our Organic & Natural Blessing Products

 All of our natural and organic products are free from Parabens, Pthalates, Gluten, detergents, mineral oil, GMO’s, dyes or soy.

We use organic or high quality natural ingredients and all of our scents are either pure natural essential oils or high quality Phthalate free fragrance oils. Read More

All of our natural and organic products are free from Parabens, Pthalates, Gluten, detergents, mineral oil, GMO’s, dyes or soy. Our only exception to this is our odor eliminator sprays which do have preservatives in them due to it having water as an ingredient. All products with water must use preservative in order to keep them safe from microbes and bacteria overgrowth. If that is a concern for you however, just avoid our odor eliminator sprays and you’ll be all set!

Always feel free to contact us on our contact tab with any questions, advice or concerns

Thank you for being here 🙂

 Always Be Blessed,

~ Sybella

Sybella Owens Ministry Speaker & Teacher