A Love Letter from Abba

A Love Letter from Abba

His Beloved, Holy Spirit brought this forth today as I was prayerfully writing and I want to share it with you. It is a beautiful love letter from Abba Papa God to you.
You my darling child, are fearfully and wonderfully made. How do I know? Because I knit you Myself. I predestined you before the foundation of time to look like you do, to have the features you have, to have the characteristics I have given you, even to smell as you do…Yes, you have been carefully woven and knit together in a unique and beautiful tapestry by My very own hand. It is true My darling child, for I purposed it and fashioned you Myself, paying attention to every glorious detail.Do you know that I take such delight in how your eyes slightly crinkle when you smile or how you tilt your head slightly to one side when you are concentrating hard. I count every hair that is on your head and yes I knew how many there used to be if they fell out HAHA! Ah yes, for I am the Lord, yes, your Papa, Your Abba Daddy, the One who is the Author of you darling child…my beloved Masterpiece.

Indeed you are My walking poem, each movement and manner expressing My design. Oh what if you would allow Me to take up full residence, to fully have your heart as You have Mine. How I desire to move and have My whole being in you in such a way that we are One in thought and deed and by My mighty power and love working within you.

Oh Darling, don’t be like them, don’t even bother, don’t even consider it anymore, for no one else is like you, not them, not she or he…they could not be if they tried. You could not truly be like them if you tried. That is on purpose dear one, you are not meant to be!

So embrace the marvelous works of My hands and realize that I am abundantly pleased and call what I have made good. But darling, do take note and receive with amazing joy, that when it came to making you, I did not just call you good like all the rest of my creations, but I called you My child, VERY GOOD.

Don’t ever let any other voice tell you differently. I have stamped My value on you and that value is Me. You darling child, are worth My all, My whole heart, My whole being, My very life. You are worth Me giving it all for you…yes…even if there is only a chance that I may be with you again, even then you are worth it My Beloved.

Love, your Abba Papa God

Did Holy Spirit minister to you through this love letter? Would love to hear your comments.

God bless you all, your sis in Christ, Sybella Owens
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  1. Sheila

    Amen Amen…Praise God …thank You Abba Father …I receive this awesome Love letter …this means alot to me this very moment….thank you my precious sis for sharing …God Bless you always…love and hugs for you my precious sis

  2. Praise God my precious sister Sheila! I’m so glad Abba ministered to you through this love letter! As I wrote this by the Holy Spirit at one point I was crying in awe of His Love for us!

    God bless you!

  3. Kelly Sellers

    Amen Amen Glory always an amazing word Father you give your servant for your children.

  4. Amen dear sis Kelly, glory to God Hallelujah! Thank You Father! God bless you my dear sister!

  5. Deb Wolf

    Sybella, this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you! And thank you so much for joining the Link Party at Counting My Blessings!

  6. Hi Deb! Thank you so much, glory to God! Isn’t our Abba so wonderful to us! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. God bless you dear sister!

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